Monday, 25 February 2013

When good bloggers go...

I wasn't going to blog today - B will be cross with me for doing so.

I had a funny turn with my eyes at the weekend (about which more later if it turns out there is more to say), and so I'm supposed to be staying away from computers.  And televisions.  And books.

But obviously he's out, and there's very little you can do on your own without using your eyes, and I'm weak willed.  So I was floating around the interweb, as you do.

And pondering.

Where do the bloggers go?

You know. Those people you read, maybe even email.  The ones you bond with, or laugh with, or just think "if she/he lived in my street, we'd be good friends".  The ones you just get.

The ones who just vanish.

Mwa, Modern Dilemma, Geriatric Mummy, Deer Baby and many others....

Where do they go?


  1. There should be one of those slogans: Old bloggers never die; they simply... how would it end?

    Something about "the last post"?

    "They simply fall off the roll"?

    "They simply lose their stats"?

    or how about "They simply click away"?

    Don't like the sound of your eyes. Hope all is well.

    1. Careful - you'll be writing bumper stickers next...

      Eyes ok thanks - prob is consultant, optician and gp all disagree as to what happened so waiting for a further referral... Bern thinking about you and health too so hoping all is ok there.

  2. Replies
    1. She inspired the post actually - I noticed she's on the tots 100 and thought " ooh! She's back!" but she's not....

  3. I know, it is horrible, but Deer Baby is still blogging and the lovely Geriatric Mummy is busy with her business (I know this as I used to be her next door neighbour. I do miss modern dilemma though.

    I hope all is well with your eyes and it is nothing serious

    1. Oh good! Putting Deer Baby on there was a bit disingenuous as she did say she was taking a break, but she never came back... V pleased to have tracked her down.

    2. Ooh, I didn't know Alison was still blogging, magic! I miss Deer Baby too, one of the first blogs I ever read.

  4. I guess lives change, reasons for blogging fall away, other things get in the way. I miss them too. I do feel like I'm part of an older generation - the geriatric bloggers who've been around forever! x

    1. I certainly feel the blogging world has moved on, leaving me behind, while still, in my head at least, a newbie...

      And another one - where's Calif Lorna gone to?

  5. when you've been around a while you notice it even more I think?
    I've seen many many favourites go. Many from America too where I used to read back in the day when there weren't that many UK bloggers (can you even imagine that!)
    Just make sure that you aren't thinking those thoughts is all I'm saying . . .

    1. I have been dithering about it: blogging mojo rather lacking recently - hence why I've been reading much less, so apologies to you and everyone else for that. But I promise not to disappear without warning.


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