Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Soundtrack to our Son.

Did you give birth to music?

I flatly refused the first time. B was keen on the idea. He would be. He likes a constant backdrop of anything from Charles Ives to Charles Aznavour, but I know myself and I realised that in the stress and pain of labour, the wrong song could be fatal to my irritation levels, and there was then a distinct possibility that the cd player might end up being used as an offensive weapon.

So L was born only to the melodious tones of her mother's voice.  Apparently I swore. A lot.

When it came to A and S though, we were firmly told by the surgeon that we really ought to bring in a cd, as otherwise our daughters would be born to magic fm.   Now I don't want to be rude about magic fm which has, after all, brought me hours of cheesy listening pleasure, but it is certainly true to say that it has the shortest playlist of any radio station I've ever listened to and Celine Dion is always on it.  Even I wasn't prepared to have the girls' first auditory experience of the outside world be that horrendous.

So B made a playlist.  Weeks of thought went into it, culminating a heated debate of the irrational sort that only a woman 35-weeks pregnant with twins can achieve.  B wanted the Killers.  I refused to have my babies born to the line, "Are we human?"   I still maintain it was the right decision. The first song ended up being Here come the girls (Ernie K Doe, not the Sugababes, although EMI have taken it off YouTube so I can't link to it, sorry), which gave the anaesthetist the giggles, (not such a good thing given he was waving a large needle at my spine at the time) and they were actually born to Aretha (sorry Celine....)

Two and a bit years later, here we are again.  And if baby T* has turned, which we will find out on Friday, then silence and swearing will once again hold sway. But if he hasn't, he'll be coming out of the sunroof, and, on the basis that  Radio Borders is not much better than magic, we'll need a soundtrack.  So far, it goes something like this...

Here comes the "sun"
He ain't heavy, he's my brother
Baby love
Boys, boys, boys (although actually I've just listened to it for the first time since about 1986 and it's awful, so maybe not.  You have been warned).
Mad about the boy
And maybe, optimistically, a new dawn, a new day, a new life... Feeling Good.

My gut instinct (which isn't really in my gut so much as kicking at my ribs) is that he has turned, and so the chances are this list will never be required, but in the meantime I'm going to have fun adding to it...

*T.  To follow on from L, A and S.


  1. Great post! You couldn't have given birth listening to The Killers, no!

    I didn't have any music on - had intended to but didn't get around to bringing in a CD either time (second time was so quick wouldn't have had time to press Play.)

    Hope he's turned! There must be some songs about turning you could play him now as a nudge. Turn, baby turn.

  2. Following on from Deer Baby, if you need to make him turn, how about "Dizzy" or "Turn, turn, turn" by The Birds.

  3. I would like to point out, for the record, that there is nothing wrong with a baby being born to Magic FM. Thought I would have liked the option to choose a different radio station. ;-)

  4. Love the initial! That really made me smile. I wasn't really one for music to give birth to, or for setting out aromatherapy oil burners and making the room feel my own. I think mostly because they appear to draw the line at that sort of thing in operating theatres.

    I did ask that if possible could they keep the 'medical' chat to a minimum and possibly just be chatty. This really helped during my first c-section as Stevie hadn't realised that his role in the theatre was to be by my side being supportive and comforting, etc. He thought he'd been asked in to watch the operation, so instead I got to hear all about the anaethatist's love life. Ah well.

  5. Deer Baby - glad you agree! We're still arguing about it (he likes the "cut the cord line", which I agree would have been appropriate, but nonetheless...)

    Iota - or Total eclipse of the heart - "turn around, bright eyes...."

    Mrs T - obviously not, and anyway I know you're going to train it out of her. Take a cd next time (if it comes to that) though...

    Fiona - thank you! He's probably not going to be called anything beginning with T in real life, but I might stick with it on here....! As for the music, we pretty much weren't given a choice: there was going to be music, all we had to decide was how bad or otherwise we were prepared for it to be...

  6. Turn baby turn (disco inferno)


    Laboured with Luke to Sunday morning Radio 4. It is my idea of heaven so he needed to get used to it fast. Archers Omnibus followed by Desert Island Discs...

  7. I've now had that on the brain ALL day! Still, could be worse...

    Radio 4's an interesting idea. Would depend though. If you got a really annoying 10 past 8 interviewee, or a Desert Island Discs person with no taste, it might put you off rather...

  8. Lovely post. I would hate to be forced to have music on as well. Why do you think they force you?

  9. Mwa - I think they think it's "soothing". I think that if you think all music is, by definition soothing, you've clearly never listened to the Rite of Spring, or the Sex Pistols, or Celine Dion, or Abba singing Slipping through my fingers...


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