Thursday, 5 April 2012

That post

Yup.  It's that post.

You know the one.

The one where I self-deprecatingly tell you how rubbish I am at everything, and then coyly at the end sneak in but there are a load of awards going on, so if you fancied it, I mean you don't have to, but it would be really lovely if you did, I'd be so grateful, but obviously there are lots of other blogs out there so you should probably vote for one of them, but please would you vote for me. Maybe?

Yup, it's that post.

I think these posts are interesting though, don't you?  Kelloggsville doesn't like them, or the awards themselves, and she's very witty and articulate on why (thinking about it, she's generally very witty and articulate, she should probably get an award for that), but I think at base a lot of it, or at least a lot of our discomfort in asking for nominations or votes is because, somehow, it doesn't seem very British.   What we all, really, want is not only to win an award, but also to do so without asking for it, for it to fall into our laps from the gods of blogging so we can blush winsomely and go Gosh! Me?!  I never thought it!

It's like elections, isn't it?  You sort of get the impression, most of the time, that the vast majority of politicians are a bit embarrassed about asking for our votes.  We, and they, have got used to it now, but really what we'd all rather is if they just hid away and did their jobs and we would vote for them if we wanted and not if we didn't, and never have to actually talk to them about it, or listen to them selling themselves.  That's why our election campaigns are so (comparatively) short.  We can't take it for any longer than we already have to.

It all reeks of desperation rather. Desperation and a very British combination of false modesty, disingenuity (is that a word?) and self-deprecation.

But, notwithstanding, that's what I'm doing.  Because the MAD blog awards are up for grabs again.  And I really would love to be nominated.  So if you do like what I do, and you can't think of anyone else, do please think about nominating me (by clicking here) in any of the following (vaguely relevant - I have edited out best pregnancy and best business and most fashionable blog, see how self-deprecating I am - and probably wildlly optimistic) categories.

Best writer (hah!)
Most inspirational (hah!)
Blog of the year (double hah!)
Baby blog (I've got one, you know.  Don't mention him much,  but he does exist).
Family Life (I've got one of them too.)

And the one I'd love to win (and thank you to whoever's already nominated it): Blog post of the year.  Because lots of you said how much you liked this one. And I'm proud of it.

You know what to do. If you want to, of course.


  1. Can't find 'the person that most often has me searching google post read' category for you, but then I couldn't find 'the person most likely to offer unsolicited advice' for me either. It's not about being British, it's English and you my wee lassy are 'honourararary' Scottish right now so it's ok to ask. And because you called me witty (and something about a lorry) I've nominated you in 2 categories which double breaks my 'don't get involved in awards rule' - I will accept cake by way of gratefulness :)

    1. Cake will be provided. Are you BritMumsLive-ing by the way? If not, it will have to be either virtual or in the post...

      Oh, and L has got her first Rainbows meeting on Monday - I think I might be more excited than she is!

  2. I loved that post, and look how many comments you got on it, so yes, I'll nominate that one. And maybe I'll throw in a category or two. In return for cake.

    Get thee to America, where there's none of this self-deprecating modest rubbish. It's liberating. I now begin sentences with 'my child is good at..." and 'I did a great thing this morning..." It's liberating. Liberating, I tell you. Though you have a point when it comes to politics. I'm all for a short election campaign. It really gets wearying, as the months plough on, and we're STILL hearing candidates tell us how wonderful they are. Over and over and over.

    1. Selkirk bannocks for you, though... (or Pittenweem oatcakes. Or Arbroath smokies (maybe not))

      Have you got used to the American thing then? I find it terribly offputting and uncomfortable-making... but maybe that's just lack of habit. Maybe if I embrace, I too could be liberated.


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