Thursday, 8 July 2010

Digitally re:Masterpieces - An Invitation

You are cordially invited
to an exclusive viewing of 
Digitally Re:Masterpieces by, well, erm....


A week ago, inspired by Tara, and urged on by Iota, I suggested that anyone who wanted to should join me in recreating some fantastic works of art with our cameras, our imaginations, and our ordinary twenty-first century stuff.  You can click here to see the post and the reactions.

To my enormous delight, you seem to like the idea, so as approved by Trish (who's created a  fantastic Van Gogh reimagining) I've added a linky onto the original post, so that you can add your amazing pictures there.   The linky is open until (I think) the 23rd of July (it's round about then anyway) so you've got lots of time, and if you miss it, there'll be another one next month!

Please do join in!  I'm going to be doing this every month on the first of the month and I'd love to get lots of people taking part.  My original thinking was that we'd all do the same one, because I think it'd be fab to see how we all interpret the same thing, so if you're stuck for an idea, I'd love to see your Sunflowers on the first of August.  That said, though, Trish's bed is awesome, and there are lots of other fantastic ideas floating around, so if you've got a better one, do that instead, or if you prefer send it to me and we can all do it in due course.

Deer Baby also raised a copyright issue about using images of the original works.  I'm risking it for the moment, but I have asked a former colleague who is a media and copyright lawyer, and will let you know if there's a problem. 

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  1. I checked the copyright on my pic after Deer Baby mentioned it: it has now expired so is in the public domain. Phew!


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