Wednesday, 7 July 2010

The Gallery - Holidays from two to five


Ahhh! Holidays.

When we were two, we had amazing holidays.

We had a honeymoon like this (that was our own personal Saracen tower, please note):

We did this:

And lots of this:

We went here:

Having started off here:

We drove here:

And here:

We even took our clothes off and swam here:

And then L came along, and we were three.  But that didn't stop us.  We  saw this:

And did this:

And this:

Only now we are five.

So we do this:

And, if we are very lucky, this: 


These pictures (from top: Positano, Italy; Dubai; Whistler, Canada (actually a bit of a cheat); Las Vegas; San Francisco; Millau, France; Torridon, Scotland; Yosemite, USA; No prizes; Chartreuse, France; Plettenburg Bay, South Africa; Spittal, Northumberland; and the back of our car, here, last week) are in response to Tara's Gallery.  More amazing pictures if you click the link.


  1. Wow! Love your holiday photos you have had some super breaks away! At least you still get away with your entire family and although not as romantic I am sure they ar still brilliant holidays!I love the one of the golden gate bridge and also the last two pics of grandparents on the beach and the 3 sleeping beauties! Lovely post.

  2. Can't decide which is my favourite. Possibly the balloon?
    Fantastic collection - I wish I'd done that now with this week's gallery!

  3. :-) you made me smile - exchange the "people" for Red Teds and this could have been "us".... Love it! Nicely done!

  4. Really nice to catalogue it all.

  5. Some lovely photos. The balloon shot is stunning!

  6. What a great post and fab photos!

  7. Lovely pictures, I love skiing too and would love to have a balloon experience like you ;)

  8. Love th elast photo! I know what you mean, we have skiing and travelling all over the place and now we go camping and bucket and spading. But the latter ones are just as fun, especially if there is plenty of that last photo.

    PS - because I'm obsessed with this at the moment, can you fit 3 seats across the back of an estate car?

  9. That could be our story. And much as I love the bottom two pictures, my feet were getting a bit itchy. So we're trying out the top ones again... slightly nervous, but I'm sure it will be just as fun as the first time round, if a little different.

  10. loving the photo of the grandparents!

  11. Fabulous photos. I love the hot air balloon best!

  12. Wow, you have done a LOT of travelling:) Fab photos:) Jen

  13. Mummy Mishaps - thank you! I like those ones too. It's very how we are now, after all. I'm sure the exotic will come again... once they've left home!

    Trish - you've been far too busy taking pictures of bedrooms! I'm glad you like it though. I sort of feel guilty as I feel that the gallery should be about one amazing picture, not millions, but I couldn't not somehow with this one!

    Maggy - thank you! Look forward to seeing your version some day!

    Mother hen - it is nice, isn't it? The original idea was just to have one very exotic looking one, and then the beach with my parents, but somehow, when I started looking at all the fab places we've been, I couldn't not. A happy trip down memory lane for me!

    B4kers girl - really glad you like it!

    Chelle - thank you!

    Susie - thank you!

    Mirka - it looks beautiful doesn't it? And the pictures are amazing. But it's actually very noisy and hot which really surprised me. Somehow I expected it to feel as serene as it looks, it doesn't.... even at 3 am!

    Pants with names - I actually loved the bucket and spading. So much so that the fact that we're not going away at all this year isn't bothering me in the slightest...

    As for the other: very much depends on seats, car and children.... Will email you!

    Victoria - eek! Makes me think we should be doing something similar. Which I'd LOVE to, but am totally not brave enough to. Scotland's far enough for me!

    Kerry - hello! Glad you like them - and very glad you knew it was grandparents and not me and B, was a little concerned people would think we weren't aging well!

    Rosie - glad you like it! I'm quite proud of it!

    Jen - it's a bit of a cheat really - quite a few of these were on the same holiday - and also we had a policy of always going to a wedding if we were invited. So France and South Africa were both weddings, and the NYC trip was actually a work one for B that L and I tagged along on. Still, it looks impressive doesn't it?!

  14. What a great post and fantastic pictures. I bet you'll have some great family holidays when they are all older.

  15. OOoo- what wonderful places you have visited....lovely. :0)

  16. love that montage. great. i hear you on the when we were three thing: i would love another baby but can't help thinking life would be a lot more swish (ie there'd be a lot more holidays) if we never became four....

  17. Lol, love the story! Looks like you've seen some amazing places, stunning photos!

  18. Nappy Valley - hope so! It's a "staycation" (horrid phrase but you know what I mean) for us this year though...

    Nova - I know! I'm horribly spoiled really.

    Babies who Brunch - It is tricky isn't it? We have the same thing with the hypothetical fourth. I'd love to go and see my bro in Canada at some point, but with four...?

    Livi - I'm a lucky girl aren't I?!

  19. Those pictures really made me grin... particularly the ones toward the end! I'm a big fan of documenting everything in pictures and love looking back at them, but I must also be incredibly nosy as I love looking at other peoples too. I love the internet! And I love you pictures!


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