Friday, 22 November 2013

Rise of the machines

I got a tube the other day.

Doesn't happen often, but I had to go to work.

I got on at Liverpool Street, and got off at Holborn.  Three stops.  About 3 p.m.  Full but not crowded.

I've just googled how many people you get in a central line train (what the internet is for, clearly).  There are 272 seats, and eight carriages, so there must have been 34 people sitting in my carriage.  Plus another 20 or so standing.

Only one of them was reading an actual book.


  1. Wrong time of day for nose buried in a book long hauls I think, that's all, don't worry, it does happen. Kindle readers are just covering that they are reading smut. Can't comment on the candy crush saddos, because I'm one!

    1. Maybe that's it. I certainly suspect that if I'd been a bit later they'd all have been reading the evening paper.

  2. I brought the kids out for pizza a few days ago. They are FORBIDDEN to have any toys etc at mealtimes, and FORBIDDEN from playing with iPads etc except for 30 mins once a week. Every single child in the place -including toddlers- had some sort of hand held device while the parents ate. (Consequently, the parents got to have dinner in peace, and the other diners weren't glaring at them. Oh well). I know I'm in the minority here, but I think its madness.

    1. I don't mind so much (although I'm a paper book fan myself) because lots of people were reading (though possibly candy crush saddos as Kelloggsville says!), but I just found it really surprising.

      I agree with you though about children at meals. And adults for that matter. No toys, no phones, no nothing at mealtimes. Talk, eat, behave (and that's just B....)


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