Friday, 30 August 2013


It is quarter past two.

So far today I have washed and dried my hair, got dressed and put a face on (doesn't happen often), got four children their breakfast, walked to school and back, been to Lidl and Sainsbury's (for the stuff I can't (or won't) get in Lidl), done some research into the advisability of the school parent council becoming a charity (anyone got any thoughts?), baked a cake with M, made some ice cream with M (he was very good at the clearing up the spoons bit), cleared up the kitchen, done the washing up, sat and read three stories on the potty (him not me), had lunch (B made that), made some Thai curry paste and checked that the rooms are ready for our friends who are coming to stay tonight.

And now M is in bed and I have so much spare time on my hands I'm blogging. 

That hasn't happened in months.

And I need to appreciate it.  Because you know what will happen.  Give it three weeks and I'll be whinging about how little time I have, and how I need to clean the skylight and fill in the plaster holes in the children's bedrooms and do the ironing.  All of which have needed doing for the last three years, but now, suddenly, will become pressing (no pun intended) instead of easily ignorable.

Because I have time.  I have three girls who are, so far, happily trotting off to school every morning, and grinning and hugging me when they come out. I have a boy who is not getting anywhere with potty training but is otherwise having a lovely time at home with just me and who still sleeps in the afternoons.  I have a new whole free day to myself on a Thursday (even if I did spend yesterday - the second such Thursday - working, which was precisely Not. The. Point.).  I have days to fill and stuff I want to do in them. 

I have an incomplete tax return too, but I'm ignoring that one.

I have time.

And I am going to appreciate it.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

The End

Where did four and a half years go?

Not to mention 53 days (Or 1,272 hours.  Or 76,320 minutes)

Today was the end.

Or the beginning...