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  1. Hello from a fellow twin mum, blogging crafter also living in Scotland!

    Just read your guest post on breastfeeding twins and it was as though I wrote it myself right down to the hippo in a tutu comment! I design and make custom childrenswear and recently started blogging about all things sewing, business and twinny!

    I'd love to chat some more with you if you don't think I'm a mad stalker! You can get in touch via my site at

    Hope to hear from you soon!

    Hannah x

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  2. This is Me & The Girls from Me. He. & Them. I have just realised that we've been removed from your blog list. I was just curious to understand why and was wondering whether you could let us know if there was any specific reason. I do enjoy your blog a lot and I guess that makes me feel all the more sad. Me & The Girls.

  3. I hadn't realised it had! So sorry! Have been messing around with layout and stuff so perhaps I did it accidentally... Or I could blame it on blogger - weird stuff's Benin happening since the (unannounced) switch to

  4. - and I think the spelling error and random posting of this comment half way through rather proves my point!

    Either way, so sorry. When am next in computer will reinstate you!

  5. I feel much relieved. I thought we did something so wrong that we could not be referred on your blog anymore but could not figure out what....Thank you. Me & The Girls.

    1. All done! So sorry about that and thanks for letting me know.

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  7. Hello

    After looking through your site I wondered if you accepted sponsored posts.

    To give you a bit of background we ( are working for Mercedes who are marketing a new smart car, mostly at homemakers.

    They believe that your site offers a good platform to publish a guest blog/sponsored post about it.

    If you could let me know if this interests you or not, that would be great.
    Kind regards

    1. Dear Richard,

      I do accept sponsored posts, depending very much on what the item is and how relevant it is to us, as I don't want to overload the blog with sponsored posts and nothing else.

      If you mail me at planbee at btinternet dot com with some more details I can let you know if it's the sort of thing I might be interested in. Many thanks.


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