I'm a married mum of three daughters and a baby boy.

L is was born in April 2007 and A and S are identical (monochorionic for those in the know) twins who put in an appearance nineteen months later in time for Christmas 2008.  They were joined in May 2011 by baby T*. Their father is the very supportive and generally wonderful B.

Once upon a time I was a lawyer in London, trying to juggle a busy working life with three very demanding girls (and their father, who occasionally likes me actually to talk to him, rather than just grunting in his general direction). 

I started this blog in October 2009, just as I was going back to work after my second lot of maternity leave.  I called the blog "Is there a Plan B?" because it felt as though my life was getting away from me, and that despite all my efforts I was never going to be able to catch up with it.  I needed an alternative option.

Over three years later, and after quite a lot of soul searching I am now a (sort of) full-time mum, having left work in early April 2010; and have moved my whole family 350 miles north.  We are now living in Scotland, nearer B's family, and lured by the attraction of cheap(er) houses, and better schools.  For a girl who had previously never lived further north than Cambridge it's been  a bit of a shock.
The plan was to keep myself busy with playgroups, coffees, laundry, cooking and the rest, as well as six or so hours a week of being a consultant lawyer  (I'm not very good at letting go), and some millinery.  Oh, and I might make the occasional t-shirt or towel too.  I think they call it a portfolio career...

The reality has turned out to be all that, and more, starting with a new baby, and ending with... well, we'll see, won't we?

*His real name is M, but T amuses me, and this is my blog.


  1. Hello! I read your comments on ext bf on northern mummy's blog and thought "there's a lady I'd like here more from". I'm new to my smartphone and am amazed I managed to find your blog but wondered if you were also on Twitter. I'm @scattymumofboys and am just starting out blogging.
    Kate x

  2. Hello there and welcome! Thank you for your lovely comment... off to pay you a visit...

    But before I go. No, I don't tweet, sorry. I'm a bit scared of getting addicted!


  3. Congratulations Plan B! Your blog has been nominated in the Blog of the Year category in the MAD Blog Awards. To find out more about the awards and the the prizes visit our website at www.the–mads.com. You can also download badges to let your readers know about the awards.

    1. And a further congratulations as you have also been nominated for Most Helpful MAD Blogger and Most Inspirational MAD Blog.

    2. Thank you so much for letting me know!


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