Friday, 16 April 2010

A week of hats.

I have not been entirely wasting my time this week.

Here is a small gallery of my creations (some not entirely finished...):

And, for completeness' sake, here are the other two I made on the first course but didn't finish at the time:

The boater-y one:

and the tarantula-ry one (bit of an experiment. Not sure it works...better on the head than the table though)

Comments (and orders in due course!) welcome.


  1. I like the boater-y one best, I think.

  2. Wowee! I have to say i am super impressed. i love that black and green one the best, very chic.

  3. Love the first one very 30's ish I think!

  4. Thank you! I have to say, my favourite is the turquoise-y squirly fascinator, so it's clearly a good thing I've been taught to do all sorts of different styles!

  5. i am loving the turquoise and black. And rather jealous that you can make hats!

  6. That is so amazing! So unbelievable. I'm very very impressed.

  7. WOWEE!! You are amazing. I love them all but my faves are the second and the last. Rock on tarantula hat. I'd wear you any day.

  8. Wow, they're fabulous. Well done you!

    Next time I get invited to a wedding you are first on my list of people to contact to get my outfit sorted!

  9. Notes to self - you have very good taste! That one is actually for my mum so will be the first to get a proper outing. Will have to see if I can snaffle myself some clients from among her fellow wedding guests...

    Mwa - thank you!

    Organic Motherhoood - I'm glad you like the tarantula. B hates it! I'm still not entirely sure, but I think I can do something with it, and I love the fact that everyone likes something different!

    And Barbara - just let me know!!!!


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