Tuesday, 5 October 2010

How to tell you watch too much CBeebies

Please tell me that I'm not the only person who thought, on learning that Kim Jong-il has named as his successor his son, Kim Jong-un:
But what about Oo and Ee?

I always thought there was something politically unsavoury about the Night Garden.


  1. It astonishes me that Kim Jong-il has managed to maintain a political career given the propensity for his tomliboo trousers to drop round his ankles.

  2. hellloooooooooooooooo - i have just entered the world of cbeebies. I find myself watching it and not even realising I am watching CBeebies??

  3. Wasn't his little sister called Kim Jong-oo? (We probably do watch it too much.)

  4. I find myself sitting in an empty house with the Cartoon Network on - my brain is jelly!

    Can I ask - are you into Scientology or is it one of those ads that just randomly generate content?

  5. Scary! I used to watch too much CBeebies, it's true, but now it's more Hannah Montana!

  6. Of course, the whole programme is also about the afterlife. You do know that, don't you? Based on Dane's "Inferno"

  7. I am resisting CBeebies for the time being but fear I too shall soon fall!

  8. Don't worry! They're not making any more episodes of ITNG... mind you, they've recorded 100 already.

  9. Fiona - well, interestingly, I couldn't find a full length photo. You may just have cracked the reason why....

    Notes to self - I was terribly smug about how L wasn't interested in telly until I realised that actually finding something that would keep her quiet for half an hour wasn't necessarily a bad thing....CBeebies saved my life (which is not to say I wouldn't cheerfully push half the presenters out of a window given a chance...). Welcome!

    Mwa - most impressed you get it at all! Good old satellite telly eh?

    Mrs W - it was definitely randomly generated. I wonder why? What possible link can there be between Kim Jong Il, the Tombliboos and Scientology? (take that, conspiracy theorists....)

    Diney - oh help! It doesn't get better then?!

    Missy M - I so so so so so so want to believe that. Sadly I don't....

    Tanya - come over to the dark side... you know you want to. Plus the Charlie and Lola theme tune is a guaranteed pick me up on a bad day.

    The Dotterel - yes, but it's worse! They're making a million episodes of Waybuloo. And that hasn't even got the redeeming feature of the clearly psychotic Makka Pakka...


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