Saturday, 8 January 2011

Finding out (part 2)

I am told, with 99.9% certainty, that my future holds some, if not all, of the following:

Unconditional love (but not always when I want it*)
Mud, lots of it
Cold rugby touchlines
Blue and khaki and green and brown
The other half of the baby names book
Being weed on*
Tractors and cars and boats and planes
Less whinging (couldn't really be more)
Sticky sheets
Lists and quizzes (cricket averages, presidents of the US, flags of the world, top goal scorers in 1974 with a Z in their name....)
Never having enough food in the house
Willies (well, just the one)
Sympathising with girlfriends
Train sets
Grubby knees
Socks under the bed
Computer games
Boundless energy and enthusiasm

Slugs and snails, and probably some puppy dogs' tails too

Here he is:

Our son.

He might do, and be, all, or none, of the above.  But I am so looking forward to meeting him, whoever he is.

*Thanks to Mwa and Trish for those pearls of joy....


  1. Oh my congratualtions. I adore my boys, they are just so wonderful and now you get to experiance it too. Mini is just noise with muck on, where as Maxi is much more complex. I am so excited for you

  2. Yay! Bring it all on; can't wait myself...

  3. Welcome to the Dark Side.....

  4. WHOOPIE! Having just given birth to a boy, I can confirm several of the above to be true! He is so different to his big sister, and I love them both the same. Congratulations! x

  5. So excited for you!! Brilliant. I have one of each.

  6. Oh wow! Congratulations - sons are lovely!

    S xxx

  7. Wonderful!!!! As the mum of two boys, I can say without doubt that you will love it. Apart from the time when you'll have to take that snail out of his mouth...or find worms in his lunch box! Congratulations xx

  8. Congratulations! No experience of boys but so love scan pics ;-)

  9. Woo hoo! A boy, that's fantastic news! xx

  10. Congratulations! DEFINITELY watch out for the wee, seems to operate like a pop-up book and can give you a faceful if you are not prepared! Have fun, boys are a blast!

  11. Have just been to visit my two-week old nephew - he was gorgeous and, true to form, piddled every time his nappy came off.
    A fabulous list. I have had 15 years of love and wonder watching my boy grow up: I wish you everything I've had xx

  12. 1) our daughter weed on me far more times than our son ever did
    2) I love being able to put our daughter's hair in ponytails
    3) Thomas the Tank Engine (which he loves) is one million times more interesting than the Waybuloos (which she loves).
    4) I love that true to the stereotype, our son prefers me every time.

    Congratulations :)

  13. Tears in my eyes! Congratulations you!!!

  14. Hooray! How wonderful.

    There's less shrieking, less drama, less storming out of the room in your future too. Though of course you'll be expert at dealing with all that by the time he is capable.

  15. PS. You can get little cone-shaped cups to put over a baby boy's willy while changing his nappy, to avoid being weed on. Called something like wee-wee tee-pee. Waste of money. Use a muslin, or old flannel.

  16. There always seems to be loads of lego. Usually late at night when you have nothing on your feet! Congratulations!

  17. Lovely - made me brim up seeing the scan! I have one of each too. I agree with the wee shooter problem - just pop a piece of muslin over!! Congrats!

  18. So lovely, congratulations! Boys and girls are so different, I didn't appreciate that until I had my daughter. You're going to be busy!

  19. Congrats! And yes little boys and their "fire hose" is messy but also rather funny, you can't help but laugh when it happens! My son once got pee up the wall! We couldn't help but laugh, even if he did get most of it on me.

  20. Thanks and sorry to all for very delayed reply - I really do need to be one of those people who replies to comments as soon as they come in...

    Anyway, am delighted, but a little frightened. I think I sort of know girls, and I can imagine a fourth girl just fitting in with the chaos that is the existing three, but what about a boy...? He'll either be fabulously camp or terrifyingly macho won't he?!

  21. ps Helen (Petit Mum Helen), can't imagine you'll ever see this but if you do, just tried to post a couple of comments over at yours and couldn't because it wouldn't scroll down enough for me to see the word verification/click "post comment". Sorry.... but thought you ought to know!


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