Thursday, 26 May 2011

One in twenty...

...babies arrives on their due date.

Looks like mine is one of the other nineteen.


  1. just came over to check on news...isn't this last waiting bit difficult, analysing every twinge!

    Hope you can enjoy it when it happens.

  2. That's exactly it! I'm driving myself mad (even as I sit here, typing, while sitting on one of those squidgy balls....) thinking "ooh! that could be it". Stop it Harriet!!!!

  3. Spent ages trying to work out how to do a fingers crossed emoticon and gave up. Just thought I'd share that :) *fingers crossed* !

  4. Im surprised its one in twenty--I'd have thought more like one in a hundred!

    I remember doing lots of hoovering and eating spicy curry to help mine along. Who knows what worked. 'Time', I suppose! ;)

    Good luck!

  5. Michelloui - apparently that's right. Here's one of many random links...

    As you say though, that's all very well, but it doesn't feel like it! Curry for supper last night, raspberry leaf tea and bouncing on a ball now....

    Kelloggsville... Now you've got me thinking! (and at least it's taking my mind off the fact that nothing is still very much happening...)

  6. I loved this!!! Although am passed this stage, so, so SO remembered the waiting and the waiting and the MADDENING WAY that life continued on with people needing to know where lights go, and children refusing to flipping well SLEEP. Grrrr. Will be back. ( Babies are SO on their own time scale, but I found speed bumps to be most productive in bringing labour on... got any round you?!) x


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