Friday, 30 September 2011

Reader, I won!

I don't normally blog slightly tiddly.

But then this isn't a normal evening!

I am sitting in a bus stop on Oxford Street. It is the end of September. It is 10.45 pm. It is 20-something degrees.

I won the MAD blog awards!

I am officially the best pregnancy blogger of 2011!

I am so delighted. Not least because I won, but also because I met more than just a mother (who B thinks is funnier than me - he's right, incidentally) and Sandy from Baby Baby, and Jen from the Mad House, and Kelly, and Circus Queen and Melaina, and Sally, who organised the whole thing... and many others.... They were brilliant, all.

Thank you so much to everyone who voted for me.

You have made me very surprised. And very happy too,

* Can't link from the bus stop (and my phone), so if you're reading this and there are no links, come back next week...)

ps I should also mention two specific thanks that I was too over-excited (ahem) at the time to remember - thanks to Bounty, who sponsored my award, and to M&S who amazingly generously gave me an outfit.  I bought a beautiful dress (which I'm clearly not alone in appreciating as it seems to be sold out, so I can't show you a picture) as well as some magic knickers (I did have a baby four months ago so I think that's understandable) and some black tights which it was way too hot to wear.   Thank you both.


  1. Big hug to you. Congratulations - you deserve it!

  2. Well done you - and well deserved - I may even have punched the air a wee bit when it was announced on the live blog. Kinda wish I'd managed to get down there myself - until we lost in the final 2 minutes of the rugby this morning - then I was kinda glad to be north of the border!

  3. Brilliant! So well deserved. Just fab. x

  4. Congratulations and hi! Said I'd find you on here - not sure if you remember mind, as it was pretty late when we were chatting ;) I was the one with the toddler and the bump.

  5. Excellent - congratulations !

  6. i am so so happy for you! was so excited to read on twitter last night about your win - you really do deserve it!!!

  7. WELL DONE! Yes, you deserve it.

    I don't even know what a link from a phone is...

  8. Well done! That's brilliant! Very, very pleased for you!!

  9. Sooooo many congratulations, you done it gal! And with a host of babies too! Well done xxx

  10. Congrats! It was lovely to meet you xoxo

  11. Huge congratulations, delighted for you. Also delighted that we finally got to meet. Let's hope it happens again soon :-) x

  12. Thank you very much! Links now attached... and LiveOtherwise, yes I do remember, although I admit I might have been a little tired and emotional later on....


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