Thursday, 3 November 2011

Life lessons from the under fives

Oh fu-pause-udge, I've done that badly!
Why Mummy?
Because driving backwards is difficult and it's not made easier by you three first messing around so we're late, and then whinging and fighting so that I can't hear myself think or concentrate on what I'm doing.*

 We-ell Mummy... (Were ever two words more calculated to raise a parent's blood pressure?) and Daddy should have been thinking about that when you did say "Let's have children".

She's right of course.  And I've been trying to remember that.  It was only yesterday, but I'm trying.

*and yes, I do talk to her like that.  I probably shouldn't, but I do.


  1. That is how I talk to the boys too, however, I do not think they would ever come back at me with a remark like that. She is amazing

  2. She's right. Damn it, I hate it when they are right!

  3. But, at least you'll be able to say that to her when she has children. Revenge will be ours. Eventually.

    I have a feeling my parents are enjoying my parenthood for that very reason!

  4. Gosh, she's totally right. The trouble is at the moment when you say to 'Daddy' "Let's have children" you're not usually thinking ahead to the whinging and arguing.....

  5. Oh kids are too clever for their own good. I have no chance.

  6. Clever girl!
    I had a similar experience with Blondie not long ago and I could not prevent a laugh. To some extent I love when she starts arguing. I might change my mind though when she will be turning 14.
    Me & The girls

  7. It would be very very wrong to reply ' that you had reconsidered that original decision and appropriate action was about to happen' so,of course, I would never respond that way!!! No a clip round the ear old say it all!

  8. Good point, well made - got to love it when they say things like that!

  9. Mad Mummy - Just you wait!

    Pants - you're absolutely right. In fact I think that's why I blog so that in years to come I can say, "well, yes, but she gets it from you....!"

    Fiona - and in my case it was actually Daddy who said it to me...!

    Kelly - you love it, you know you do!

    Me & The girls - actually I'm over the answering back already and she's only 4....!

    Kelloggsville - next time I will!

    Muddling Along - the weird thing is I am actually, so far, managing to remember it... let's see how long it lasts eh!

  10. Oh, and Me&The Girls - see new box on the top left, just for you!


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