Monday, 12 March 2012

Win a children's gardening set, seeds and more!

It's been beautiful up here recently.

We spent all of yesterday and most of today running round the garden with not very many clothes on. (Ok, that last bit might apply only to those of us under four foot, but still, it's March.  In Scotland.  The fact of being outside at all is pretty amazing: this time last year it was snowing.)

We have tidied the garden, got the trampoline out, turned the wendy house back into somewhere the under four foots might like to spend time, and planted some seeds.

Lovely, pretty, easy-to-plant seeds courtesy of innocent.  Which they sent us together with a watering can, a trowel, a fork and some vouchers which will go some way towards satisfying this family's very expensive smoothie habit.

And, what's more. They want to send one lucky reader of this blog the same stuff too.

And all, dear reader, you have to do is to work out where we've planted our seeds.

Here's a little photo story.  We obviously start off in the garden (I'm not stupid enough to let my children play with compost and water in the house),

but then we move inside, to a particular room, in a particular way.

And if you can guess where they are, or indeed work it out,  because more clues and photos will be added to every post over the next wee while before they all die germinate, you too* could be the proud possessor of the same set (to plant somewhere sensible, probably).

Where are they (or one of them in particular)?  What's the well-known word or phrase that most accurately describes this place?  Leave a guess (or two, or three) in the comments or come back for more clues over the next few weeks (she says, vaguely, having no real idea how long it will take for them to germinate). 

*Clearly, if more than one person gets it right, my favourite random number generator (probably the four year old) will pick a winner.   Or if you can't be bothered, you can get your own seeds included with innocent smoothies and tubes in shops now or visit their website for child-friendly gardening hints, tips, games and more prizes.

Obvious disclosure: innocent sent me the seeds, vouchers and gardening kit, and they will also be providing the prize. I haven't paid for any of it.

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