Tuesday, 17 April 2012

A murder, a clue(do) and a competition.

Remember those seeds I planted?

The ones for innocent?

The ones you could win?

These ones?

I didn't.

Which is why I appear to have killed half of them.

Sorry innocent, but I appear to be guilty.

But there's good news.  Because there was a competition.  A gardening set, innocent vouchers, and some seeds for you to do your very own murdering with (or not, if you have (Rev) greener fingers and a better memory than I do...

Guess where they are.  Here's another little clue(do):

Here's another look.  Check out my sunflower, at the back.  

Have a guess, leave a comment, roll the dice and play the game, by Friday morning and we'll have a winner.  


  1. Totally puzzled... I think the ballroom with the candlestick.

  2. Conservatory? Or do I count as a cheat? Anyway I'm more likely to kill them than you...

  3. Definitely the conservatory. Glad I'm not the only without green fingers :)

  4. OK. It's not Friday, but Friday was a funeral, and Saturday was L's birthday, and Sunday was recovering from both, and now it's Tuesday (because something must have happened on Monday, but I can't remember what it was).

    Anyway, it was, as instructed by innocent, as difficult and random as I could make it. And it was, if you look closely, in the conservatory with the lead piping...

    So as no-one really got it (perhaps unsurprisingly), I got out my random number generator, rolled it across the floor, and got a 4.

    Which, if we include anonymous from the first post, means Jenny is the winner. Email me your address (planbee at btinternet dot com) and I'll pass it on to innocent for the prize.

    Well done!

    Oh, and we're down to 2 out of 6 alive now...Hope you have better luck than I did Jenny!


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