Saturday, 17 May 2014

Mysteries of modern life. No 382

When you get in at 12:26 (or whenever), drink having taken;

is there a good way to talk to the babysitter?


  1. Yesh! Jusht give them the doshsh, and shay thank you very much, hic.

  2. If you are still - mostly - upright and coherent then asking if they would mind sleeping over and dealing with the kids in the morning would be my choice.
    If incoherent or horizontal, just assume they'll stay and administer analgesics and clear liquids on demand.

  3. In this house. I pretend to be sober while my husband hides.

  4. Usually by the time I get home I have it together - it's the text to warn her that we are on our way home when I find my beer goggles are impeding my view of the screen as I write the message that is the problem...

  5. I'm so glad we had inlaws round the corner, and tolerant ones at that.


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