Friday, 4 June 2010

Bog roll on the blog roll

"You what?"  I hear you cry. "What is she on about now?

Well, let me explain.  Are you sitting comfortably?

Last Wednesday, in the Gallery, Nickie from Typecast posted this.  And as you'll see from the comments here, it met with rapturous acclaim...

So here, in the Gallery's week off (well-deserved holiday) is my contribution to The B(l)og Roll*.

Now bear with me here. We've just moved house.  It used to be a B&B. It therefore has bathrooms everywhere. I suspect that they went round the house taking out perfectly useful cupboards, or sweeping out dusty corners of bedrooms and sticking loos in them, just 'cos they could.

So anyway, we have six, yes, six, loos.....  and here are their rolls (please note I take no responsibility for decor (or panelling)):

Notice anything? Well yes, there are only five, but the other one you have to go through A&S's room to get to and they're poxy and asleep and I'm just not that committed to the cause.

Anything else?

Well, they clearly got a job lot of those loo roll holders didn't they?  But I'm not thinking that....

Yup, that's it. In the great loo roll etiquette debate, I am most definitely an up and over kind of gal.

*Kindly hosted by Karen at Brighton Mum.  Click here for more of her stuff.  Oh, and join in on the Bog Roll.  You know you want to...


  1. You have six loos??!! Good grief woman, that's a lot of loo roll to keep up with. T'is okay, it was a B&B, you're forgiven x. You ARE an up and over kind of gal, but seriously, all of them?!

  2. Wow, six loos - and judging by the fact they all contain paper, you must use all of them. Never mind loo roll, how much toilet cleaner do you get through?!

  3. hahaha fame at last... but not sure it was in my Life Plan as being famous for this!!

    We had friends who took over a B&B in Blackpool - 12 rooms all with sinks and about the same number of loos as you!! It was mental!!

  4. Julie - to be honest, I think there are at least three I haven't yet (ahem) christened. But yes, I've got loo roll in all of them (and yes, Karen, I keep my standards up (and over!)) because you never know, do you....?

    And Nickie - I think it's stupid now, but when I've got three teenagers, I may well be grateful...

  5. Haha....I'd have to have them all ready and waiting too. We have six toilets too...amazing how may are in use all at the same time though. ;0S

  6. You show off .with your six toilets lol I was expecting to see the end of each roll folded Into a triangle :-) I don't envy you having to clean all those loos!

  7. How marvellous, 6 loos. You can never have enough I find! And that is the only way to hang loo-roll.

  8. Right about the teenagers! You will be able to allocate half for boys and never have to moan about them leaving the seat up AGAIN...

  9. Oh jeez you are going to rip them out aren't you? Six loos to clean? Arrgh! - that's sort of my idea of hell :)


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