Thursday, 10 June 2010

Festival Time!

Please tell me you haven't missed the Great British Blog Festival???

Organised by the fabulous Erica at Little Mummy, and hosted by several of her friends and relations, it's happening all this week, in celebration of the phenomenon that is blogging.

And today, over at Cafe Bebe, the Festival brings you the amazing, the wonderful....

Drum roll.....


Click here to read what I say about my rapidly disappearing anonymity, and the advantages and disadvantages of being who you say you are.

And the best thing? No wellies required.


  1. Hi,

    Thanks for commenting on my blog about son's wedding. If you thought 11 months from meeting to marriage was fast, well his parents' took half that time!

    I met Ian at a New Year's Eve party; he proposed 6th January and we married 16th June, 31 years ago next week.

    Delay in our case caused by time it took to obtain an Archbishop's Licence plus I didn't wish to marry in May because of the superstition, "marry in May and rue the day".

    Still no regrets.

  2. whoops i missed it. Will go take a look xxx

  3. I'm in the same camp of being anon but gradually being less and less so... scary stuff!


I know. I'm sorry. I hate these word recognition, are you a robot, guff things too, but having just got rid of a large number of ungrammatical and poorly spelt adverts for all sorts of things I don't want, and especially don't want on my blog, I'm hoping that this will mean that only lovely people, of the actually a person variety, will comment.

So please do. Comments are great...