Tuesday, 15 June 2010

The Gallery - Motherhood

The Gallery just keeps getting bigger, better and more difficult!

This week it's Motherhood and, like, I imagine, many mothers, I've found it hard to find a picture where I am both in front of the lens and looking vaguely presentable.  I even flirted with the idea of showing you all my face, but decided that there were some sensitive viewers out there, and it wouldn't be kind to do that without warning.

So, here's Motherhood,  my way.  Now and then:

I love this picture because it's so representative of where we are now.

A and S are still little enough to want to hold my hands, but they are so close to independence.  You can see the determination in S's clenched fist, and if there was an audio tape of this picture you'd hear me telling A to put her hat back on, and her resolutely using one of her two words: "NO!"* .

L,on the other hand, is already certain that she doesn't need me.  She is way ahead, feet astride, firmly planted.  This is her world.  Laid out for the taking, and she's going to grab it.

And me? Their mother. Well, I look like I'm leading but we all know I'm actually following. In wonder, amazement and awe.

Not least at how we got to now, from then:

This was taken the night before they were born. About fourteen hours before all our lives changed forever (again).  I was already a mother, but I had no idea how much more motherhood life had in store for me.   It's been exhausting and magical, and I wouldn't change any of it for the world. Not even for a stretch-mark free stomach...

*I am delighted to report that the other one is "please"

Oh, and if nothing else, these pictures have really shown me it is finally time to get my haircut....


  1. Lovely pictures. I think the one of L with her hands on your tummy is absolutely gorgeous, especially knowing that she had two new sisters fourteen hours later.

  2. I love it. And I'm in awe. You look so relaxed, even with them all hanging onto you.

    Beautiful photo and words.

  3. Gorgeous. Amazing to think that the next day your twins were 'out'. Wow!

  4. Lovely - especially the tummy shot :)
    I think you're a hero - some days I forget my own name trying to keep up with ONE little person hanging on to me!

  5. Lovely, you look like you were born to be a Mum. x

  6. gorgeous photos. the tummy one is magic :)

  7. Both pictures say so much. Lovely.

  8. Lovely pictures and lovely words. This week's gallery has been wonderful, so many amazing stories.

  9. never got a shot of my tummy when pregnant - wish I had now!

    lovely photo of you 4 girls together

  10. I so love the first photo with the trees in the back. Somehow 'The Sound of music' came to mind hahahaha.

    Amazing that the twins came into the world the day after the picture was taken.

  11. Lovely photos, the first one looks very summery, like it should be in a TV ad for happy families :)

  12. Beautiful photo! I am always in awe of any Mother who has multiples! Such a happy photo!

  13. Both photos are absolutely lovely....your girls will be so excited to see that picture of 'them' just before they were born. Mine love looking at ones like that. And what a neat bump! With twins in it! :0)

  14. How lovely, amazing mum, I am the same as Vicky always in awe! x

  15. Love that you look at that photo and think about asking your daughter to keep her hat on. It looks too idyllic for words. The blossom is beautiful, and so are your girls.

  16. I love the picture with your pregnancy bump ;)

  17. Hi,
    Sian - MummyTips / CyberMummy Here...... I've just posted with the info you need in order to get your pic printed for the real life CyberMummy Gallery exhibition courtesy of Photobox.

  18. To everyone who said they liked my tummy best: Mirka, Tiddlyompompom, Miss LeslieAnne, Young Mummy... me too! But it's a bit blurry so I wanted to have an in focus one too! Real shame actually because I love how happy and excited L looks too.

    Deer Baby, Pants with Names, Jen, CalifLorna - am delighted I'm giving an impression of serenity and control... Perhaps next time I should post one with sick on my shoulder, spots on my face and grease in my hair... might be more realistic!

    Oh, Becky, you so should. Definitely if there's a next time.... We didnt' actually take that many with L, but with the girls, I was so huge (despite what Nova says!) I was totally fascinated by it myself!

    Ruth, Heidi, Barbara and Victoria - thank you!

    Chelle - I'm guessing it's the millions of children, not the nuns!!!

    Miss LeslieAnne, Vicky and Kerry - honestly, it's just the same as one, only noisier.... seriously though, it's twins triplets and more next week, so check out the carnival that's going to be happening at You've got your hands full. Lots of stuff on multiples and some serious fundraising because honestly sometimes it really is harder, although I've been very lucky.


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