Saturday, 5 June 2010

I am not here

I am at Playpennies, who not only made me their blogger of the week (Playpennies loves me!) a couple of weeks ago, but also very kindly asked me to write my second* ever commissioned piece. I am very excited!

Click here to read what I have to say about the stuff you really can justify buying for your baby.

 *My first ever commissioned piece is in the current issue of the South West London Twins Club magazine, but more on that later...

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I know. I'm sorry. I hate these word recognition, are you a robot, guff things too, but having just got rid of a large number of ungrammatical and poorly spelt adverts for all sorts of things I don't want, and especially don't want on my blog, I'm hoping that this will mean that only lovely people, of the actually a person variety, will comment.

So please do. Comments are great...