Wednesday, 23 June 2010

The Gallery - Creatures

Once again I am torn.  What to pick for the Gallery?.  This week it's Creatures, and although we don't have any pets (B is allergic, and I'm unconvinced by who would end up doing the work, although I suspect pester power may win out when all three of them can talk...), I've got some pictures of animals I've taken over the years that I love.  So what to choose?  I've dithered, and I've thought, and I've spent far more time pondering this than I should given that I'm supposed not to be blogging this week with all the family here.  

But I still can't decide between two:

This one? Taken in South Africa, in 2007:

Or, this one, a little closer to home?


  1. Beautifully shot and a cow with no slobber, well done.

  2. He definitely has an attitude doesn't he?! Great pair of photos!

  3. I love the cow one the most! And like Mother Hen says above, the fact the cow is slobber free makes it all the better.

    MD x

  4. Love them both but especially the cow! There's a field of gorgeous highland cows outside Dundee and every time I drive past I swear they are POSING for me but there's nowhere to stop the car. It's deliberate, I'm sure of it :)

  5. Gotta love the wooly coo! I love highland cattle, they're so funny looking but make great photographic subjects.

  6. oooo I'm loving the ball of fluff!

  7. Great pics. Penguins are so comical. LOL

  8. Awww, don't you just want to cuddle the cow?! The penguins look like they are up to something hehe.

  9. I have penguins on mine too this week. I see far too many of cows (FIL is a farmer)

  10. I LOVE penguins, I think they are my favourite, they are just so funny :) Great photos :)

  11. I love the little penquins, we saw so many of them when travelling in Australia ;)

  12. The cow is just too cute! I can almost smell that sweet huffly breath!

  13. Penguins are adorable. You're so lucky to be so close.

  14. Love both pictures, they are GREAT! Wonderful memories too, I am sure!!!

  15. Oh wow. Both those photos are fabulous!

  16. Both excellent. YOu did really well to get close to those penguins - I remember trying to photograph them in New Zealand, it was impossible! And I'm not sure I'd like to up that close to a Highland cow....

  17. Excellent pair of photos. That cow looks very huffy. Intrigued by you saying you thought you knew what I was going to post?? Curiouser and curiouser.

    You have an eye for a photo, Plan B.

  18. oh wonderful! i love the cow!

  19. Love the cow. Such character! Somehow they always remind me of toffee. I'm sure there used to be a pic of a highland cow on a packet of toffee in the 80s....

  20. Mother Hen - funnily enough they weren't very slobbery, but it's a good point... next time I want to take a cow's picture I'll have a hanky ready!

    jfb - ooh! a he? I hadn't thought of that. Will have to check next time!

    MD - She's fab isn't she? I've got another one where I swear she's looking down her nose at me.... highly superior animals!

    Mrs W - it's because they're gorgeous and they know it. Maybe that's a theme for the Scottish bloggers photographic pub crawl....?

    Annie - They are amazingly photogenic aren't they? I just love them!

    Amuse Inner Me - I'm sure she thinks she's toned and sleek, but you're right - a big ball of fluff!

    Him up North - they are aren't they? I'm not sure if it's the walk, or the shape or just the splendid dinner jackets, but you've got to laugh. And love them.

    Chelle - it's not what those two are up to I'm worried about, it's what they're looking at.... I suspect they're standing guard for something *really* exciting!

    NotaBene - I'm sure she'll be delighted!

    MadMummy - you posted the post I nearly posted (if that makes sense!) Isn't SA amazing!! So want to go back when the girls are a bit bigger...

    Jen - me too! They were my favourite animal (bird?) when I was a child, so I was so excited to see them in the wild. Even if they were so unafraid they seemed almost tame!

    Mirka - This was SA, but it amazes me where penguins seem to turn up, I'd never think of them living in either there or Australia!

    Livi - me too!

    MamaFour - I'm not sure the breath was that sweet.... but she's very pretty!

    CalifLorna - we were, weren't we, but they didn't seem to be bothered by us.

    Maggy - absolutely awesome memories, especially SA. The world cup is making me positively nostalgic!

    New Mummy - Thank you!

    Rosie Scribble - thank you!

    Nappy Valley - the cow was behind a fence, so don't worry! And the penguins just weren't that afraid. I've got another one of me and L sitting right next to a pair of them. Maybe the SA versions are just less timid!

    Deer Baby - nothing that exciting. I just
    thought it was your opportunity to live up to your name. I thought we'd have a majestic stag or a Bambi like faun or something.... And thank you for the compliment. There are some really amazing photographers out there so it's lovely to be complimented on what's essentially just a snap...

    Heather - me too - she had to be in here really didn't she!

    Mud - I want to say Highland Toffee, but I just googled it and there's no cow on it... or at least not a lovely one like this... but I know what you mean!


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