Wednesday, 18 November 2009

An update and an (well two really) award

I mentioned, a while back, that S and A had had their first day apart.  But I never wrote anything about how it went.  That's mostly because, as I probably could have guessed, it was a bit of an anti-climax.  A and I had a lovely day and I think she loved spending time with just me.  S? Well...  Actually, S also had a lovely day and according to the people at nursery didn't seem to notice A wasn't there at all.  When we went to pick her up she was much more excited to see me than she was to see A.  Hey ho.  That twin bond. It's a very special thing.

While I'm doing the update, I thought I'd revisit the smack .  I thought people might have strong opinions on this one and it turns out I was right.  Well, day five of not smacking and, funnily enough, I haven't done it again.  L, incidentally, didn't even realise I had smacked her.

Before I leave that subject altogether though, I must say a specific thanks to Grit who wrote a very long and thoughtful comment, which seemed to me to hit (deliberate choice of words there!) right to the heart of the whole issue. She makes the point that we can't define the relationship with the children we love so much by isolated incidents, because it, and we, and they are so much more than that.  So thank you.

Oh, and on the job front, I'm going down to two days a week in January.  Wish me luck.  I may be clamouring to get back to work after the first week...

All that aside, this week I've had my first blogging award.  It's the not entirely flattering Honest Scrap award and I have been given it twice, by the lovely Babyrambles and MuddynoSugar.

Here are the rules:

1. ‘The Honest Scrap Blogger Award’ must be shared.

(Babyrambles shared with 10 people, but I'm going with MuddynoSugar's rules here), so the lucky five are:

Baby Baby
Not wrong, Just different
Today I think I want
Carrot in Mum's hair
Potty Mummy

And if they've already been the lucky recipients well then, like me, they're twice the honest scrap!

2. The recipient has to tell 10 (true) things about themselves that no one else knows.

Ten things you didn't know about me (I'm assuming when we say "you" we don't include people I'm married to, because there's not much he doesn't know. Never sure whether that's a good thing or not).

1. I used to be a Samaritan
2. But I stopped because I found myself wanting to tell them to SHUT UP, PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER AND STOP WHINGING
3. I once got detained by the KGB (or FSB, modern inheritor thereof).  I hadn't done anything wrong. Honest.
4. On the blogging front, I have no idea what a meme is.
5. I was the person who always broke the chain letter, or the chain email, or the chain post a pair of knickers back to the first person on the list (and yes, that really existed), so it's a miracle that I'm doing this.
6.  I've made a resolution not to break any blogging award "chains".
7.  None of my suits really fit round the waist but I'm too stingy to buy any new ones.  Because after all, it's only work.
8. I don't really like coffee. I just drink it because I'm a grown up and I feel it's the sort of thing grown ups like.
9. I own every mystery Agatha Christie wrote.
10. I sort of want another baby


  1. Thanks so much for this award.

    Am off on holiday for a week, so I'll collect it when I'm back.

    Thank you.

  2. Thank you so much, I've just posted mine. x


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