Saturday, 22 May 2010


Don't you think the word "fascinator" is silly?  I do.  I prefer "confection".  I once heard someone refer to the little bit of nonsense perched on top of someone's head as a "confection" and I have adopted it as my own.

So here, for your millinery viewing pleasure, is the confection I made on Tuesday for my sister to wear at a wedding today.  I hope she's enjoying herself:

The butterfly (which I got from John Lewis and is made by VV Rouleaux) is actually detachable so we can put other (maybe different coloured) stuff on in due course, so here's what the actual structure (ie the bit I made!) looks like:

Oh, and the idea is that she's going to wear it on the back of her head, so it will sit around the base of her hair, where she's put it up (she has these amazing blonde ringlets so I'm hoping it will look just stunning).


And by popular request (Pants with Names, that's you) , here is a picture of the back of my sister's head.  If a picture of the back of one's head can be said to be not very flattering, this one is.... so don't judge her on that. But admire the confection.  Please!


  1. I agree re the word fascinator. It sounds like Terminator, or Predator, or one of that kind of 80s scary violent films.

    "Fascinator... coming to a cinema near you, in full Dolby surround sound... Prepare to be... Fascinated."

    I like your confection, and I hope your sister does too.

  2. I've always thought that fascinator is a ridiculous word. Iota's comment did make me laugh..

    Very beautiful though, love to see a picture of it on your sister in its full glory!

  3. Wow, that is so beautiful.

  4. Crikey that is beautiful! If only I had a wedding to go to so I could ask you to make one for me. I do love the idea of calling such things a "confection" too. "Fascinator" has always rather irritated me for some unknown reason.

    Hope all is well in the land of Scots. How are you holding up my lovely?

    MD xx

  5. Hi! caroline here from diary of baby led weaning, I'm just eplying to your lovely message. I just read some of your blog and it sounds as if your not to far away from me, we're near the border too and we regularly see prams outside shops, you can even leave your car/door open! we lived in London too for 5 years so we really love all the space and fresh air. Keep in touch if you can, hope your enjoying your new life! We've lived here for 6 years and still love it... caroline x

  6. I quite like the word 'fascinator', if only for the fact that I was once in a production of Oklahoma and Aunt Eller had to get dolled up for a dance and said "A'll wear ma fascinator" (said in mid--west twang). But confection is rather sweet too (ha, sweet!)
    Ps - you're very clever making them!

  7. Wow, that is brother is getting married this year and I've already decided I'm wearing one. You are very talented, I wouldn't know where to start making one. x

  8. That is beautiful - love the term confection!

  9. Iota - Genius! I suspect it would probably be starring a former wrestler with a name like "Bulk", or "Thong"...

    Pants with names - I would, but I don't know how to attach a picture to a comment.... maybe I will adapt the post. Hmmm.

    Solveig - Thank you!

    MD - Thank you! All going well so far, pox aside. Helps that the weather's improved too!

    Caroline - Hello! Hope to maybe bump into you somewhere soon!

    Trish - you have redeemed the word for me! As and when I set up my hat making website, I will be putting that quote on there! (good pun too)

    Chic Mama - Thank you! Let me know if you can't find anything you like in the shops. I'd be delighted to make something for you...

    Muddling Along - thank you!

  10. That is an AMAZING confection. I am in awe.


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