Saturday, 22 May 2010

Warning of witterings to come.

And breathe!

I have nearly caught up!  I have read and replied to all the comments left over the last three weeks, I have caught up with most (although by no means all) of what has been going on with my favourite bloggers, and I can now sit down and write, well, the next few posts...


  1. Including that mystery one that appeared and then vanished...?

  2. I copped out. It was the blogging equivalent of drunken-dialling, and having sort of outed myself I got cold-feet about something I'd said... Bad girl.

  3. But you were introducing us to the locals. Surely that would be very harmless stuff?

    I only got to read the first couple of sentences.

  4. Depends what you say about them really.

    If you're very lucky I'll send you the post. But you probably read it all. It was only a couple of sentences.


I know. I'm sorry. I hate these word recognition, are you a robot, guff things too, but having just got rid of a large number of ungrammatical and poorly spelt adverts for all sorts of things I don't want, and especially don't want on my blog, I'm hoping that this will mean that only lovely people, of the actually a person variety, will comment.

So please do. Comments are great...