Wednesday, 30 March 2011

The Gallery - Time to hit the bottle?

There are many reasons I might hit the bottle. But this week's one is the subject of Tara's Gallery:


Now I know Tara's really hoping for dreadful pictures of bubble perms and culture-club-esque rat-tails, but fortunately, by good luck and no management at all, I managed not to hit my teens until the end of 1990, by which time grunge was where it was at.  So my worst crime against hair fashion was probably lank and unwashed, but otherwise remarkably like this:

Fortunately for the sensitive, there are no photos of my late teens, which were most definitely not my most attractive stage, but in this one, I was, guessing by the candles, eleven, and my hair stayed remarkably like that (minus the fringe) until I was about eighteen.

Now, however, it looks more like this:

Or this:

B, loyally and lovingly, says both photos are over-exposed and that isn't my hair colour at all. In my defence it's remarkably difficult to take a photo of your own head, especially when your hair is in your eyes, but you see what he's getting at.  I'm not the same colour any more, am I?

Age eleven: pale skin, pink lips, luscious chocolatey dark locks - Snow White in a fetching check shirt.  Now, well, you'll have to take my word for it that I'm just as pale, but the locks are definitely heading for the pepper and salt end of the metaphorical culinary spectrum.

And I'm wondering - is it time to do something about that? Shall I hit the bottle...?


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  2. Kelloggsville - is that blogger messing you around again or user error?! If the former a million apologies again.

  3. (I think I was iPhone app'd!) I was trying to say I have been on the bottle for years. I have such lovely blonde hair people must wonder why I dye my roots black!!! That's the problem with the bottle: once you start it's very painful to stop.

  4. Err, hello, doesn't everyone hit the bottle?
    And my goodness me, in your youth you were quite frankly gorgeous. Those freckles! Bet you didn't even know it!
    Can't comment on whether you're still gorgeous as you seem to be hidden behind a wall of hair!

  5. I hit the bottle when I turned grey. A friend decided to go for it and has a full head of grey hair in her mid 30's she looks very cool.
    Stick with it, the colour is great.

  6. Now you have the kind of hair I always wanted as a kid!

    I must say I love the variety of colours in your hair now - you'd mask that if you got the bottle out. But I think hair is one of the personal attributes that defines how you feel about yourself - you've got to feel good about your hair in order t feel good about yourself. So if the bottle helps you feel good about yourself, go for it!

  7. I think you hair is fabulous. If I start going an elegant grey I will leave it alone, else bottle it is!

  8. I started going grey at the age of 18 and have been dying my hair ever since! But I do happen to like what my daughter calls "salt and pepper" hair...where dark hair is scattered with shiny grey can look really interesting! :)

  9. Whatever colour it's going, you're doing it gracefully!

  10. Looks good to me now. You were one gorgeous kid.

  11. Oh go for it! Why not go for a wild colour too?!

  12. Ha, you went on a similar line to me. I am >< this close to getting my hair dyed...

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  14. Many thanks for comments and apologies for not either replying sooner or repaying visits - I have recently reacquired B, who's not been around much and so while I'm spending lots of lovely time with him, it's meant less time for important things like blogging....!

    Kelloggsville - absolutely! And then I'm worried that I'll end up that universal elegant 60-something-lady (apologies to any 60-somethings reading this to whom this does not apply) mid-grey-sandy colour that is actually no-one's (and certainly not mine) natural colour in real life....

    Ooh! Tara! You'll make me blush! But no, sadly, the freckles faded with the colour. Not sure I was gorgeous then, but definitely sure I'm not now!!! (but thank you anyway!)

    Gemma - that's it, though, isn't it? I remember seeing a really young woman with grey hair when I was in my teens and thinking "wow! she looks amazing!" and swearing I'd never dye my grey, but now it's really here.....

    Geekmummy - that's the joy of the hairdryer, the straightening shampoo and the big round hairbrush...!

    Mom on a Wire - but how do you know if you're an elegant grey or just the ordinary sort?!

    Things and stuff - The problem is I think I need a bit more grey (which clearly I don't want) before I hit that, at the moment I just look a bit faded. Hey ho...

    Herding Cats - many thanks. I don't feel very graceful at the moment so that's a lovely thing to hear!

    Muddynosugar - thank you very much! Sadly the early promise came to not much...!

    Livi - because, sadly, I'm not wild... Never have been, never will be....(in (though not on, clearly) my head, though, I've got bright pink streaks...)

    Tiddlyompompom - I'm scared, that's the problem.... what if I hate it? And plus it feels like an admission of failure!


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