Wednesday, 16 March 2011

The Gallery - Trees

You will not be surprised if I tell you that this is not the Scottish Borders.  Nor it it March 2011.  It's June 2006, B and I have just celebrated our first wedding anniversary, L is a twinkle in our joint eyes and we are at the Pont du Gard.

I could have, or perhaps should have, taken a picture of a tree in our garden, or in the park, or on the way to nursery this week for the Gallery, but I know lots of others (click the Gallery link to see them) will post cheery Spring-like blossomy pictures, and while it remains dreich and miserable (and snowy, at the weekend, although only in that slushy, melt by lunchtime, make a mess of the bottom of your jeans way) and the trees remain resolutely un-photogenic, I thought I'd cheer myself up.

So here you have it.  Self-indulgent trees.  Roll on Summer holidays!

Oh, and if you're not familiar with the adjective "dreich", there's a great definition here.  Needs more usage, I say, because it's definitely not limited to Scotland.


  1. Pronounced dree or dry ? And yes roll on summer.

  2. I've always loved the word dreich (pronounced dreek I think, Kelloggsville) and now know how to spell it! Thanks for that.
    Nice trees too - bring on the summer x

  3. The colours in your photo are stunning, especially the bright green at the tops of those trees. Nothing wrong with cheering yourself up with some old photos and good memories!

  4. Love this picture, and I agree roll on summer for gawd's sake please...seems to be taking ages! X

  5. Roll on summer indeed! It's a lovely tree photo with special memories

  6. Can't beat a bit of self indulgence especially in poohy weather. Lovely pic.

  7. Oooh, beautiful! And yes, roll on Summer! ;-)

  8. Well, you've extended my education today. I've used the word 'dreich' often in conversation, but have never known how it was written, (or bothered to try and find out).

    It's a great word.

  9. Snow? No wonder you posted this then - just look at that lovely water too, very pretty

  10. Kelloggsville - Trish said it! (although that assumes you are, like me, English and therefore can't to the fantastic "ch" sound that should come at the end...

    Kath - Thank you! Am feeling a bit grrrr at the moment, and this definitely helped!

    Icklebabe - oh isn't it?! But then I can't believe how much I've got to do before then... like have a baby for a start!

    Jenny and SAHMloving it - Thank you! And yes, there's nothing like a little self-indulgent wallow down memory lane is there?!

    Mostly Yummy Mummy - Thank you!

    Iota - All part of the service.

    Make do Mum - it's beautiful isn't it? I don't actually really remember taking it - although I remember the day very well. But I found it, and I was delighted by it!


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