Friday, 8 April 2011

Not-so-innocent Queen of P(ee) (featuring a competition!)

When innocent asked me to be their Queen of P, quite frankly I thought the P was precisely what they were taking...

Because at the moment, mid-twin-training, I am undoubtedly the Queen of Pee.  And Poo.  And Potties.  And Pants.  And washing, but that doesn't start with P.

But then I realised they wanted me, along with 25 other lucky bloggers, to Post a Picture, nay, a Photograph, featuring one of their new range of magnets.  And I got P.

And I thought about Pee, and Poo, and Pants, and Potties, and Pictures, and Photographs, and Pickles (which is the nicest word I called my children when they dropped the P magnet (it would be that one wouldn't it?) down the back of the radiator), and Picnics and Parties and all sorts of other more or less interesting words beginning with P, before I realised there was only one I could use.

Because, when I look back at April 2011, in one, or five, or fifty years time, this is the P I'll think of:

 Although I'm not sure you'd call it innocent...


Innocent did, perhaps obviously, send me a bunch of lovely stuff when they asked me to do this, for which we are very grateful.  It included three lovely P t-shirts.  L has adopted one, as modelled left, but the other two are way too big for S and A, and so innocent have kindly said I can pass them on to any Poppies, Peters, or indeed Hermiones, Harries or Rons out there.

So, if you'd like a brand spanking new P t-shirt to fit a 3-6 year old-ish ( L will be four this month and is, I think, pretty tall for her age) , just leave a comment before next Sunday (17th) and my beautiful assistant will pick a two names out of the hat then.

You can find out more about the Innocent A-Z (and win more t-shirts with different letters and in different sizes) on their website or twitter by clicking on the links.


  1. Lovely bump picture, you look amazing. Good job we didnt get P it would be poo all the way

  2. To be fair, poo was definitely in the running for a while, but I couldn't bring myself to take the picture...

  3. Oh help! Just realised there's a totally gross pun in there. Sorry.

  4. What a lovely bump. A Perfect Picture to Preserve for Posterity.

    Sorry - no names beginning with P in this house. But we are potty training too.

  5. Names beginning with P not required - as ably demonstrated by L, who has nary a P in her whole name. Actually that's a lie. There's one in her middle name and one in her surname, but you get my drift...

  6. Ok, so I'm nearly a week later, but seeing as only Mad Mummy and Deer Baby commented anyway would you both like a P t-shirt? Let me know...

  7. Such a beautiful bump picture...I wish mine looked like that!


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