Monday, 17 October 2011

Places my car keys are not

The car
The table
The kitchen worksurface
My handbag
My pocket
B's pocket
L's pocket
S's pocket
A's pocket
B's desk
The toy box
Under the bed
My handbag again
L's school bag
Under the table
In the pushchair
The bedside table
The chest of drawers
My handbag one more time (just in case)
Down the back of the sofa
On top of the cistern
M's carrycot
The other toy box
The wendy house
The fridge
The kitchen drawers
The fruit bowl
The bin (even under the nappies)
All the other bins
The recycling bin

Air of desperation...

The oven
The dishwasher
The tumble drier
The architect's pocket (he was here this morning)

My handbag.  Still.

If I don't find them soon, my sanity might vanish too.


Update - and one place they were!!!  Under the kitchen table, tucked into the frame into which the leaf of the table would fold if it were folded.  Thank you A.  Didn't look there.


  1. I just hate it when I lose something, it is always where I never thought they would be. have you checked the childrens beds and bags too

  2. How about under S's bed at Granny's house? ;-)

  3. I am terrible with my car keys and have two sets. I can go for days without finding them and then all of a sudden, there they are. I need something that I can clap at and it makes a beeping sound - or something.
    Hope you find them.
    Have you looked in the fridge? Oh yes, I see that.

  4. So true! So like me!

    I have found your blog by chance and I really like it. Is there a way I can subscribe to it by email. I guess I am not very good with all the internet functionalities and I need help. Me & The Girls.

  5. I tend to find mine in my dressing gown pocket. I think I shove them in there on the way up to bed. Either there or any flat surface near the door where I've thrown them down.

  6. Iota - No.

    And everyone else - no, not there either... (Mrs T, why do you think I checked the bins...?!)

    Fortunately we have a spare set, which I am guarding with my life.

    Oh, and Me (or do I mean "You"?), I *think* you click on the top left where it says "subscribe here" but to be honest I am such a luddite I don't really know. Otherwise you can become a follower (by clicking just below) and then you can read through google reader.... Will pop over to say hello at yours shortly (although not now as am supposed to be working. Bad Harriet).

  7. I was going to say try the fruit bowl (that's where the last thing I lost was) but I see that's already on your list. Hope you have found them by now!

  8. Make do mum! We have! Woo hoo! See amended post! (couldn't speak for delight when A emerged from under the table clutching them....)

  9. Brilliant. I just hate it that happens. I once lost mine between opening the car and strapping the toddler in his seat.


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