Saturday, 29 October 2011

You can take the girl out of England...

L and I are listening to the Proclaimers, unofficial patron saints of Scotland (where we have now lived for 18 months).

"Why are they singing in French?" wonders L.

Not fully assimilated yet then.


  1. A widnae worry - they're Fifers - naebody understands them ;)

  2. I believe Auchtermuchty is indeed in France.

  3. Mrs T - if that's your idea of moral guardianship, B will be having words.

    Nikkii - a fair point, and well made (even if it was in a foreign language!)

    Iota - indeed. It's Auchtermuchty-sur-mer isn't it?

    Ellen - the problem is, when she's trying to be funny she just says "poo"... I think she has a way to go on humour!


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