Thursday, 29 December 2011

People who don't have children.

Why do they let people who don't have children design things for people who do have children?

Yesterday, we took the children to lunch in the garden centre. (I know, we're all about fine dining and introducing them to new experiences here...)

In the well-equipped and planned baby changing room there were a changing mat, a big expanse for putting the baby on, a hook for your bag, a loo (top marks for that, because going for a wee in a very small cubicle while holding a baby is always fun)and a clever machine for those emergency nappy changing moments.

For the price of just a pound, it declared proudly (their capitals), you could have:

ONE soft disposable nappy (fits size 9-22 pounds)
ONE hygienic nappy bag

and, wait for it,

ONE baby wipe.

Now there's someone who's never changed a nappy....


  1. This made me laugh out loud. Designed by the same people who think a loo isn't necessary in a changing room. Obviously never had to wee with the door ajar with one eye on your precious bundle and their buggy :D

  2. The changing room feature that most impressed me was that very little chair with straps that flips down from the wall, so that you could restrain your toddler while either changing your baby's nappy or weeing yourself. Brilliant. You don't often see it, though.

  3. So by Boy Three's usual output we'd need at least six packs!

  4. brilliant!
    i agree with ellen, we need one pack per visit to the toilet... and another pack per meal, too...

  5. Hilarious. Just one, seriously?!
    The chair with straps sounds great though.

  6. Lol! Imagine trying that out! Eeeeuw!

  7. HA! Brilliant, I loved this. x

  8. You need tweet buttons on your posts. Love this.

  9. AH - new button, especially for you...

    Everyone else - glad to have amused... dashing off to rescue a husband with a sore eye, but will be back...

  10. Thank you all for lovely comments - it's just rubbish isn't it? But genius at the same time... I'm going to be looking out for similar so watch this space.


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