Monday, 9 January 2012

How to tell if your children are just being fussy.

B:    So what are we going to feed these children tonight?
Me (bored of thinking about it):   Pass
A (making her position clear):   I don't like pass.


  1. did you suggest she tried it ;D

  2. Sadly no. I should have done shouldn't I? I wonder what it would have tasted like?!

  3. I wonder if she thought it was "peas"? Or was she just making her position clear regardless of the actual substance that would be on the plates?

    Or parsley?

  4. It's depressing, isn't it, always having to be the one who works out what to eat when. Dull, dull, dull...

  5. (The planning the menu, that is - not your post, obviously!)

  6. Sounds remarkably like our house...

    I'd like to pass on thinking of what to feed the kids. I'd like to pass on the dinner battle in the evenings as well. Sadly I have no choice - and neither do they!


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