Tuesday, 29 May 2012

The impossibility of cold in the mind of someone hot

It's hot.

It's too hot.

My new laid grass is browning. I can't find the sun cream. I have spent the last week in the South, wishing I was North, where, not only did the warmth start two days earlier, but we also have no paddling pool ban.

We drove North, the children and I, yesterday: four children, one adult, 350 miles, 28 degrees, the sun baking us like overdone cakes in an oven, the air con set to max the whole way.

But I have woken this morning to a different world: 8 degrees out there at the moment. Maximum 12 later. Colder than the air I was so desperately blowing at myself yesterday.

And I am flummoxed. I have forgotten how to be cold: which cardi goes with which top; that the children need coats and wellies at nursery, and where those things are. All my plans for this weekend, founded in the heat of the last one, are wrong: who's really going to want to eat salads and ice cream, and spend the day on the beach?

I'm not the only one: already I can see equally flummoxed passersby shivering in inappropriate strappy tops. A has just come in, shivering in just her pyjama bottoms, but refusing to put on her top...

This morning's cold seems impossible. By lunchtime so will yesterday's heat.

Aren't humans odd?


  1. I suspect being Scottish to the core I am the exact opposite. I can't bear to put the cardigans away, tend to take a couple out with us everywhere we go, look out the window at the brilliant blue sky and think "hmm... it's probably not that warm, it might be quite windy" when really this is it for us in Berlin. S seems convinced that we are now 'in summer' which means 25+ degrees everyday from now until September. Where as I can't help but think it could all change oh so quickly!

  2. I think it works both ways - when it was freezing and miserable (the week before last) I couldn't imagine that would ever change either...

  3. And I've been stuck inside for most of today, looking at the beautiful day outside! But then we went sailing this evening so I'll shut up.

    1. Could be worse. Today we have flooding...

  4. It would be great to live somewhere where you could actually plan an outdoor activity well in advance and be sure the weather would be ok. I've had so many disasters over the years when the weather didn't play ball.

  5. Ok, so HOW am I going to adjust from here, where it's coolish today - pleasantly so - at 15 degrees?

  6. I am starting to loathe our UK weather. With a hyperactive bounce off the walls 5 year old, being indoors all day is just not an option. And then there's the summer holidays. Shoot me now.


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