Tuesday, 15 May 2012

It's not easy being green... (1)

What's being eco-friendly got to do with a bus?

Apart from the obvious that you're better off, apparently, on a bus (especially now Boris has got rid of the bendy ones) than you are in a car.

Well, it appears my eco-friendly attempts all come at once.

Hot on the heels of my post about nappies (which I'm increasingly getting cross about - in a "am I just getting conned" sort of a way), we got approached about two greeny things.

So, for the first, on Friday morning, very early, the girls and I (no M, who is even less keen than they are on getting cold and wet), put our winter warmers and our wet weather gear on, and ignored the fact that it was May, and drove through the sleet to Cramond beach in Edinburgh, where we joined several hundred (seriously) freezing lunatics to pick up litter as part of the Marine Conservation Society and M&S's Big Beach Clean Up .  We were supposed to be incentivised by the offer of an M&S barbie, but, if the truth be told, our attempts lasted all of an hour before we ran off to B's mother to warm up with large mugs of hot chocolate.

But we did get our picture in the Scottish Daily Mail.... so if anyone reads it and has a copy of last Saturday's paper, do let me know, 'cos we don't, so it's only a rumour so far...  And we picked up nearly M's weight in litter while we were at it.

So I don't feel we failed at that too badly.

Not so sure about the other attempt though...


  1. Oh well done. I think my sister was there too.

    1. Did she freeze to death too? It was such a shame as it could have been fab. Was good fun anyway.

  2. Well done you. We do the local beach litter pic

    1. Oh good for you too. It was the first I'd heard of it, and I'm so glad we got involved, chilly or no!


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