Sunday, 31 March 2013

Bad news for Pyotr Tchaikovsky

Well, yes. He's been dead for 120 years for a start.

Not to mention the fact that his mother died when he was 13; he was gay in 19th century Russia; he struggled financially throughout his life; he eventually married, only for the marriage to break down after only two and a half months, and he was so plagued by depression that he killed himself by deliberately (some historians believe) drinking a glass of water during a cholera epidemic.

With all that going on you'd suspect that dropping six places on the Classic fm Hall of Fame isn't going to bother him that much.

Whatever the presenters might think.


  1. That did make me laugh on a Monday morning!

  2. Thank you. It irritates me EVERY year. Felt alot better for getting it out.


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