Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Big numbers for small people

B was in London earlier on this week.  He bumped into my sister on the tube.   They rang me together at the children's supper time and it made me smile.

"Girls", I said after they'd hung up,  "There are seven million people in London and guess who Daddy bumped into?"

They couldn't.  I told them.  They looked underwhelmed by the coincidence (although that sort of thing happens unstatistically often, don't you think?).  But it obviously got L thinking.

"Mummy?"  she said. "How many people are there in London did you say?"
"Seven million."
"Is that counting Daddy or not?"


  1. Replies
    1. Indeed. But actually my friends Tim and Sue are on holiday at the moment, so surely it's 6,999,999

  2. While we're on the subjects of statistics. my 9-yo daughter has just noticed that you have only 1 visitor from Australia, but 29,325 from Britain. "You must feel pretty special if you're the 1 from Australia", she said. Perhaps you should do a shout-out to your unique Australian visitor.

    1. Good spot 9 yo! Although sadly she's not got it quite right - the little flags are a bit misleading. It's 882 from Australia, and I think the 1 she means is the Falkland Islands.

      If you click "see more" on the top of the flag counter you can get through and see them all with names (and break the US ones down by state too (I think - hope Kansas is up there!).

      But delighted she's enjoying it. I think it's B's favourite bit of my blog...


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