Monday, 2 December 2013

NaBloPoMo - how did I do(e)?

I set myself a task for National Blog Posting Month (who came up with that one? They should be taken out and sho...).

Read a new blog every day.
Write a new post at least twice a week.

So how did I do?

Well, unlike my children (parents' evenings last week) it turns out I'm better at the writing than the reading.  I've read a grand total of three new blogs, although I am choosing to blame at least some of that on the demise of google reader and the failure of feedly - which I joined only to have it die on me about three days later.

Bad Harriet.

I've done better on the writing - 12 posts in a month working out rather higher than my target rate  - although I will have to admit to cheating.  It's now 2nd December.  I actually wrote this on 27th.  (And clearly I should have published it yesterday but I didn't get round to actually clickin the button.   Hey ho.)   I've done that rather a lot, if the truth be told: written in stits and farts (apologies, can't remember who came up with that one either, but I rather like it, and fits and starts doesn't have the same authenticity at all) two or three posts here, none there, all carefully timed so that it looks like I'm writing twice a week, when actually I'm not. Or not always.

But it's ok.  I set the targets so I can change them.

Which I suppose is rather the conclusion I've reached about blogging as a whole. It's my blog, and I'll cry/post/write/abandon it if I want to.

I'm not going to (abandon it) though, although I thought I might at the beginning of the month. Not yet anyway. I've enjoyed putting fingers to keyboard, and I've realised that it's up to me how and when I do that.  I'm nearly 37 and I'm only just working out that I can (within reason) mostly do what I like and that (within reason) what other people think about it really doesn't matter.

So if you're still reading, thank you.  And if you're not, you'll never see this anyway (but I hope you're enjoying reading whatever you are reading instead).

And I'm all enthused about a Christmas present post I've got brewing so come back for that soon...


  1. Glad you've decided not to abandon ship - I for one, enjoy reading what you write. And I've especially enjoyed the past month when your posts have become more frequent (no pressure!)

    As for writing in "stits and farts", it's the only way when you've got a thousand things on the go. It's how I've been writing. Except, I often don't end up posting them. I have countless posts in draft. It seems the writing comes easily, the editing not so much!

  2. I think blogging in stits and farts is perfect. Sometimes I do two or three a week, sometimes one or none. If I have nothing to say, I stay quiet and give everyone a break from my blather.

  3. I generally schedule 3 a week but sometimes I wrote them months ago. For me the most important thing is the getting it out of my head and into draft. The rest is just habit! I wrote loads about my summer hols and never posted them. They'll probably sit in draft until next summer now! I'm glad you'll hang onto your blog. I've enjoyed reconnecting x


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