Thursday, 22 April 2010

M minus 7 days - nooks and crannies

This time next week we will be gone.

We won't have arrived, but we will have gone.

Five years of our shared lives, the beginning of our marriage, the births of our children all took place while we were living in this house.   I will never forget it. It has been the heart of my family since before we were a family.  And I hope that it will not forget us.

But I am concerned that I will forget its details. That like a long-lost friend I will forget the way its eyes crinkle when it smiles, or whether it parts its hair on the right or the left.

It has idiosyncracies, and quirks, some of which it was born with, and has lived with for over a hundred years, and some of which we have created and which may not survive much beyond the end of our lives here, but all of which I love, and all of which deserve to be recorded. And remembered.




  1. Why are you leaving there??? It looks lovely. (Just kidding.) (Kind of.)

  2. Lovely house, lovely post. Moving on always has sad bits.

  3. its always a bit sad to leave somewhere you've called home, isn't it? good luck with the move xx

  4. Aw some lovely pics to remember a special place. No doubt your new place will soon be filled with wonderful memories!

  5. Mwa... I am leaving because I am greedy and grabbing and I want three things that this house doesn't (and can't) have: another downstairs room, so that of an evening I can have some qwalitee time with my lovely husband without having to wade through pink plastic to get to him; a downstairs loo (I'm going to have to potty train twins, I don't think my stairs carpet will take it...) and a garden with some grass in it... And I'm getting them all in the new house! Most excited - even if we have had to move 400 miles to be able to afford them!

    And Iota, Heather and Hayley, it is sad - I'm not sure it was very impressive crying when I dropped the girls off at nursery this morning - but am trying (and failing) to concentrate on what we're gaining! (see above!). Thank you all for lovely words.

  6. Your post really reminds me of the one I wrote when we left Clapham last year. Despite its quirks felt so sad to be leaving it, as if it were the end of an era.

    (Your house even looks like mine - I swear we had exactly the same ceiling mouldings!)

  7. Great photos! You are right, those sort of details are the most poignant, I would take photos like that! I feel a lump in my throat on your behalf.

    Sorry I've not commented much recently, I have lots of distractions going on, but I have been thinking of you and your move. Thank you for taking the time to comment on my posts, I'm impressed. And I've just seen your new heading, I used to be a London lawyer before I gave it all up to move abroad for husband's job! And I LOVE Twilight, blog post on it soon, we've just read it for book club!


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