Monday, 5 April 2010

The twubble with spelling

L is, for the avoidance of doubt, the cleverest, most beautiful and most advanced nearly 3-year-old in the Western Hemisphere.  I'd say the planet, but you'd think I was biased...

Anyway, the point is, she knows all her letters.  The problem though is she can't say them all.  A, B and C are ok, as are L, M, N and the other 18.  The tricky ones are those pesky Ws and Rs.

Hence this conversation with B:

L:  Daddy, please may you draw a D for Daddy for me...
L:  and a L for Lucy...
L:  and a W

B:  a W for Water?

L: No, Daddy, you know,  a  W for wRiggle...

I think it may be a while before we manage to sort that one out.


  1. i remember it took me ages to tell the difference between the numbers 11 and 12, until i was eleven ironically.

  2. It's only when you start doing these things with your children when you realise how complicated they are. I find it's hard explaining all the anomalies in our language such as mouse and mice but house and houses. I think it's incredible many master it while they're still so little.

  3. I hope you have video-ed her alphabet. It will be a blink of an eye before her pronounciation is spot on. Can't beat mis-pronounciation for cuteness. Orla told me tonight she had a "toy-mato" for me for my birthday. I said, "Don't you mean 'Tomato'?", to which she quite correctly told me "No, it's a toy-mato, not a real-mato!".

  4. But she was right wasn't she? Just another sign of how incredibly advanced she is...

    Did you know, by the way, that in Scotland, they split the school year ages differently, so that she might start school a year later, depending on when her birthday is? (this sounds like an April fool, but isn't). And they also have a 4-term year, which actually I think is much better than the English schools' 3-term year (and both are vastly vastly better than the American 2-term year with a 3-month summer break at the end of it).

  5. Title changed at B's quite accurate (and I thought, amusing) suggestion....

    Notes to self - she can't get 14 and 15 in the right order but I'm hoping she'll sort that one out before she needs to tell people she's that old! (may be expecting too much though!)

    Emily - that's a good point. We keep bumping up against mice and houses at the moment and I haven't yet had a "why". It's surely only a matter of time....

    Fiona - No video as yet, but it's a great idea. Love the toy-mato though. Literal is always the best way forward! My fave mispronounciation from L was the rhinausages...

    Iota - I know they start in August (even though I keep thinking they're wrong when they say that, apparently they're not) but I didn't know about the rest... Am hoping though that it will mean we can go on hols when the rest of the UK is at school though or is that too much to expect?

  6. Wow, she's doing will come though. x

  7. You're right, it does, so things are often cheaper! But I never got used to that August start. Psychologically, I'm wired for September being the beginning of the school year.

  8. Aww. Those are hard letters. But very clever way around it!

  9. Oh, I know she'll get there in the end... and actually I'm just immensely proud she can do that at not quite 3!

    And Iota, it's you and me both on that one, I keep hearing "August" but in my head I'm going "yeah, yeah, yeah, you mean September, you know you do".


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