Sunday, 18 April 2010

Secret Post Club - April

Check this out!

This is my Secret Post Club Parcel from the lovely Helen (I've been cyber stalking her - she didn't actually put her name on my parcel, but it's on her blog...) at Icklebabe.

Just look at it:  See the lovely stripey bag she's wrapped it in, and the little ribbon with its button that she's put on the corner, and the envelope which has a sparkly card inside, and then the beautiful hand made lavender bags, with more stunning ribbons and cute buttons.  Seems a shame both that you can't smell them (they're tantalising my nose as I type) and that they're going to end up in  my distinctly underwhelming underwear drawer.  Oh well, maybe I'll have underwear to match one day...

A million thanks to the very clever Helen, who has some even more amazing things on her website.  And even more thanks to Heather who has once again done an amazing job and who I hope is sent something utterly lovely this month.


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  2. I am SO glad you liked it!
    so sorry for the late reply but i have been poorly sick with a rotten ear infection.
    Its great being part of the secret club as it means I get to find fab new blogs like yours :D will be popping by often xxxxx

  3. P.s, just had a quick look at your lovely things in the craft market<<< they are fab! you are one clever lady :D

  4. Aren't I lucky!!! Thank you so much to Helen and to Heather. Helen, thanks for nice words on the craft market too, you're in it now!


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