Thursday, 29 April 2010


The house is empty. It looks shabby and ashamed in its nakedness.

It is no longer our house.

We are driving away.

I am crying.

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  1. I cried those tears when we moved from berkshire to N Yorkshire - It is the start of a new beginning

  2. wow ... drive safely ... your new house is waiting xx

  3. I really hope the new one captures your heart in the same way...

    Good luck with the move x

  4. It looks a well loved home and I'm sure your new house will soon become the same x

  5. Oh, I'm sad for you.

    The opening of a new chapter inevitably involves the closing of the old one. Gain, but also pain.

  6. awww, but you're heading somewhere where you will make all new memories! It will become home soon enough!

  7. I know exactly how you feel, I just left my home to move back into my parents house (It was the house id grown up in for the past 20 years, they bought a new house and I rented the family home off of them but had to leave as couldnt afford it now)

    Im sure your new homewill make you feel very welcome :-) look at it this way, at least you didnt have to try and fit a 4 bedroom house into a single bedroom...I'm trying to do it now and its just not happeneing lol

  8. I hope you're getting settled into the new place. Moving is hard - places can hold such memories x

  9. Good luck. It'll all be ok. Get the shortbread out and pour yourself a nice big glass of Irn Bru. xx

  10. oh, Plan B, my heart is aching for you. I hate leaving places.

  11. Oh, how heartwrenching. I hope you'll be smiling when you arrive at your new place.

  12. It's very odd reading all your comments now, three weeks later. It was an awful day. I was terribly upset and re-reading the post and looking at the pictures (there's another one of me, with my face all crumply but I'm not going to post that) brings it back. But in a weird way because we are very happy here already. So far so really good...

    Miss Searles - oh my goodness! how on earth are you coping with that? We've actually got the opposite problem. We need a LOT more furniture!

    Young Mummy - they do don't they? And that house was the one in which so much that is important about my adult life had happened.

    Fiona - managed to avoid the Irn Bru, shortbread, tablet and macaroons so far... although B bought a haggis pie in the farmers' market this morning...

    Motherhood and Anarchy - thank you. And somehow that means even more, given how many and how varied are the places you have left.

    Mwa - the funny thing was that I was. We stopped off with some friends on the way up and that break really felt like a real break. No more old house, on to the new...

  13. Livi - it is funny, as you say, how quickly this has become home. We felt as though we were on holiday for the first few weeks, but it's definitely home now.

    Barbara - thank you.

    Iota - I know. What I really wanted (and if I'm honest still want) was to live both here and there at the same time. Can I have my cake and eat it too, while I'm at it?

    Diney - it was, and it is...

    Mummeeee - Thank you! Move itself was about as painless as these things can ever be thank goodness!

    Notes to Self - thank you! Although it had to wait a bit longer than anticipated... we got here and they hadn't moved out!

    MadHouse - that's absolutely it. I really feel like this is the start of a whole new part of my life. And things are already different as a result.


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