Friday, 23 April 2010

M minus 6 days - Dear So and So

Dear House,

I love you. Sorry.



Dear Removal men,

You know that sorting out I said I was going to do? 


Harrassed mum of three.

ps and no, I wasn't wasting my time blogging. Blogging is important.


Dear Neighbours,

The new people are going to have a baby too.  Sorry.

The people formerly known as NextDoor.


Dear New People,

The particulars might not have mentioned a few things:

Yes, you do have to turn the grill on with a pair of pliers.
And yes, that stuff that looks like dried snot on the wall by L's bed?  Well, that's, erm, dried snot.
And no.  I don't know precisely what that stain is on the carpet.  But I can guess.


Your predecessors.


Dear Iggle Piggle,

Please come and see us.  You are her best friend.  She doesn't understand yet, but she's really going to miss you.

As am I.  Sorry.

Love Iggle Piggle's Mummy .


Dear London,

Too much to say in a postcard.

Thank you.



Dear some Scottish people (you know who you are)

I'm coming to live with you, and there's something you should know:

I'm English. 

It's not my fault, I was born with it. It doesn't make me a horrid person.

So deal with it.

Happy St George's Day,



Dear New House,

We are coming!

Hope you like us.



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  1. What a heartwarming post, I wish you all the luck in the world, what a lovely new adventure you are going on....

    Want to say thank you too for your lovely words, they meant a lot to me and your comment touched my heart :0) XX

  2. Good look and I can not wait to see the new abode.

  3. We're moving too. May 14th, we start our two week journey to California. Then a short burst of house hunting and we'll be set. Sh*tting myself? Me? Well yes, just a bit.
    Good luck to you! You sound much more organised than I am.

  4. LOLing with empathy at the need for so many sorrys.

    Hope the move goes smoothly.

  5. It'll all be fine. The Scots don't really hate the English very much. In general they are very friendly and welcoming. I don't know where you are moving to but if it's Orkney or one of the other islands, worry not a jot: they are chock-full of lovely English people.

    Thankyou so much for putting my picture up on the BMB Craft Market page. Very much appreciated.
    Hope the move goes well and that you love your new house and settle in quickly.

  6. oh, so exciting and so sad all at the same time. xx

  7. This post is brillant - good luck with the move xxx

  8. Ooh, I can feel the excitement/melancholy/trepidation in that post! Good luck with the move.
    And let's get together and find a way to stop kids doing that dried snot thing. Actually, I used to do that as well. Nevermind.

  9. Dear Plan B
    Can't believe you are leaving just as I get back.
    Brit in Bosniax
    PS - packing is awful. Unpacking is just as bad. Do you need any boxes? We've got thousands.

  10. Sorry not to have seen you before the move, but will be continuing to follow your blog, and hope we can come and visit when we are next north of the border. S xx

  11. Good luck!! We moved to California from London six and a half years ago and I thought it would nearly kill me. But it didn't.
    Turns out the sunny weather year round is quite nice though I do get pangs of citysickness every now and then.. Your children will LOVE it!

  12. Wow,that's a lot going on there!
    Good luck with it all- hope you're all happy & settled in your new home soon :)

  13. Good luck with the move!!

    (PS- You're comment at my new blog was completely not inappropriate.)

  14. Hope you have a great move! Good luck. Can't wait to hear the post!

  15. You'll be fine - we don't bite (well most of us don't!!)


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