Sunday, 3 January 2010

Grammatically correct

It is half past eight.  L is two and a half.  She is also jet-lagged.  She should have been asleep hours ago, but I am forgiving her because of the jet-lag and ignoring the fact that she is actually having a rather noisy "picnic" in her bedroom.

But I couldn't ignore this:

"Dingle Sheep and I need a poo".

Proud? You bet.

Picture from  Thank you.


  1. I hope that you were a good mummy and put dingle sheep on the loo too

  2. Dingle Sheep is coming along on the potty training ever so well. ;-)

  3. Apparently Dingle Sheep prefers the potty.

  4. hi planb - just to let you know: Feb issue of Red magazine is now out in which I quoted you. your blog address is in the piece. let me know if you get any traffic as a result, would be interested to see!


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