Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Millinery - week 1

The good news? The course didn't have to be cancelled!

And it was week 1 last night.  I am now officially on a millinery course, and over the next nine weeks I will be making one felt hat and one straw hat.  So far, I've made a buckram hat band the same size as my head. I'd post a photo but I didn't take one, and you'd be pretty underwhelmed given that it looks like a circle of white card.

But I will blog with updates on my hats as they take shape.  And if anyone sees any awesome pictures of hats and headpieces which might inspire me, please do post them on here!

And the best bit?  I absolutely adored it.


  1. That sounds an interesting course. enjoy! :0)

  2. Hope you enjoy it, I am not a hat girl, my head is a funny shape!!

  3. Oh that sounds like a great course - keep us posted

  4. awesome!! can't wait to see the updates on things you are creating.


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