Saturday, 20 March 2010

Dear So and So - the follow up.

Dear (same) bus driver,

I'm sorry.  I know you were trying to be kind.  And I'm glad you learned from yesterday's weeping woman.

I'm very touched that you noticed us, that you remembered us, that you slowed down in the rain and waited for us.  And honestly, I would have got on.  And smiled.  But you see, there was no money on my (new) oyster card.  And I just didn't think you'd believe me. Not second time.

Yours apologetically,

Wet Mummy of Three


Dear Estate Agent,

I'm delighted you've sold our house. I really am.  But having got us this far without a horrid board, is it really necessary to put one up now?

Yours house-proudly,

Exchanged Woman


Dear Pushchair Retailer, and Poster of Replacement Parts

I love you! Will you marry me and have my babies? Please?

Yours no-longer-getting-the-busly

Happy Mummy


Dear Return Key

Honestly! What's going on? I thought you were fixed.  But when I try and write blog posts you don't work.

I like paragraphs. Please may I have some?

Yours irritatedly



Inspired, as before, by Kat, who sends wonderful postcards from her 3 bedroom bungalow in crazytown....


  1. I W ket is stiky, so I feel your pain!

    Oh and I removed our Sold bord just after they put it up!!

  2. My return key does the same- are you using blogger. It's damn annoying and I will press and press it and then have to do preview as load of gaps appear!

  3. Great post. What is it with estate agents and boards. We had the same thing. Bloody irritating. Love this blog btw.

  4. Yeah! Take the sign down! And do get your return key seen to, because paragraphs are essential.

  5. I'm glad there's a happy ending to the bus driver story.

    Oh, the return key. The one that's on your keyboard. I thought perhaps you were talking about something the estate agents gave you, in case you change your mind about leaving your house and moving away.

  6. BNM - It is blogger, but it's not precisely that. It's that when I press it it goes to the beginning of the line. But only when I'm drafting posts, not when, as now, I'm commenting on them. Totally don't understand.

    It's a Mummy's Life - Love yours too!

    Mad Mummy and Mwa - I would, but somehow they've bolted it to the little wall between our house and the street (enclosing the "front garden" aka metre and a half of concrete - what is the point?!) and I don't want to take it down in case it makes a big whole and the buyers complain...

    Iota - Sort of happy, sort of ended up feeling rather churlish in my (understandable if you knew why, but still) rejection of his olive branch. Hey ho! Good point though re the agents having a key. They have. Better get it back at some point...Can't change our minds now though. Eek!

  7. Congrats on selling the house :)


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