Monday, 1 March 2010

Millinery - week 7

A rather bitty day today. I stiffened my straw and wired its brim. Which is useful, but sadly not photogenic (it looks exactly the same as it did last week). I also started a buckram fascinator; which at the moment looks like nothing so much as a soggy hankie, so not really photo material either, disappointingly.

And I sewed my felt back together, stitched on its petersham trim and started attaching my daisies. It looks pretty similar to how it did two weeks ago, but it's actually MUCH improved. Honest.

Here it is:

Finishing all of that lot in two weeks sounds Herculean... And I've only got one, as we're in Scotland next week. Whoops.

- Posted using BlogPress from the bus. It's now a Monday ritual...


  1. That hat looks pretty impressive to me. Did you make the whole thing?

  2. Really interesting- I would love to have a go.
    There is also an award for you over at mine - but no pressure - I didn't realise how time consuming they are!

  3. Yes Jude - it's mine! All mine!!! (Mwa hahahahaha - or something). And actually it's now finished, so will be posting a picture soon.

    And Suzanne - you should. It's so much fun! Will pop over to thank you for the award.


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