Thursday, 4 March 2010

The Gallery - Maybe it's because I'm a Londoner...

...but only for a few more short weeks... that I'm beginning to feel nostalgic for this amazing, sprawly, angry, busy, friendly, noisy, indescribable city that I've been lucky enough to call my home for the last ten and some years.

So when I saw Tara's new meme/theme/gallery, and realised that this week she wants photos of Beauty, I ended up deciding to post this:

It was taken on my phone last Saturday, so it's not the world's best picture (it was taken by me, so it was never going to be the world's best picture anyway!) but it reminds me that even here, in the centre of London, surrounded by more than 7 million people, there is beauty. I love the the sunset and the tree and the crocuses, and L dancing carefully so that she doesn't tread on them, and then the fact that you can see the rows of Victorian houses and the fifteen stories of hideousness that is the hospital and you realise that yes, this is London, and I will miss it.
Oh, and ps, I wanted to post this one too,


because L asked me to take its picture so that she could remember that although it looks purple, inside it's "lello". And I realised that I haven't really looked at a crocus in years.  And I should.


The rest of the amazing photos in the Gallery are here!!


  1. I'm a Londoner too and I love my crocus.
    Lovely pics.

  2. Lovely. Yes, London is beautiful.

  3. There are only just sprouting here in the North East, you will really notice the season difference in Scotland

  4. hello!! I am just catching up on comments and noticed I have an Evie shirt ready to ship my way! yipeeee I know an Evvie who is going to be very happy about that! I'm being a bit dim- what do I do now??? xx

  5. I was in hairdressers today and reading Red Mag (I think it was - I managed quite a few whilst there having roots done!!) and saw you mentioned in an article!! Famous person on my blog list! x Don't feel too melancholy about leaving London - you will adore Scotland. London is great, I love it and I go quite often as my son lives there, but I love the freedom of Northumberland with the rolling hills of Scotland in the distance...... PS lovely pictures

  6. Love London really. Sometimes you can find the lovlieness in the most unexpected of places.

    Great photo. x

  7. Lulu - hello! I'm feeling very in love with London at the moment. I think I will really miss it when we're gone. You will have to keep me up to date!
    Mad Mummy - interesting... we're up to Scotland tomorrow (after I go to a hen night tonight...eek!) so will have to see how spring is springing up there.
    Iota - thank you!
    George's mum - I think we're all sorted now aren't we? Just off to find a jiffy bag...
    Diney - I know! I'm famous! (well, only amongst the hairdressing population now, as I imagine that edition (which I think was Feb's) is now mostly in recycling bins nationwide (not mine, clearly, I'm keeping it!). And thanks for the positive words about Scotland. I know it's going to be great but I'm not very good at change!
    BiB - you've not got long before you're back now have you?
    Hayley - thank you!

  8. Never been to London, but would love to visit someday. I love traveling. The pic of your daughter dancing in the flowers is beautiful! And the close up of the purple crocus is just gorgeous. I love the way my kids always make me notice things that would pass me by otherwise.

  9. Organic Motherhood - they're amazing aren't they? I see so much stuff when I'm with them because they see it first.

    Oh, and Mad Mummy - there were crocuses in Edinburgh!!!


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