Saturday, 3 July 2010


This weekend everyone's going to the ball.

And even though my fairy godmother waved her magic wand and got me a ticket, I'm not*.

So I'm cross.  Not so much about the sessions, although I know I've got lots to learn, but because I won't be meeting all the wonderful people I've virtually got to know over the last six months.

So if you are going, have a wonderful time, and I'm so sorry not to meet you.   I really hope to be able to do so some other time.

*I'm going to a wedding instead, so the Cinderella metaphor's a bit laboured.  I won't be sitting by the fire sobbing, or talking to random small animals, I'll be drinking champagne, and wearing a glamorous hat.  Still wish the wedding had been on any other Saturday this year, though.

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  1. Hey cinders, I am cinders too.
    Enjoy the champers in the sun! Xxx

  2. I'm feeling left out too as I'm not going. Perhaps I'm one of the ugly sisters - I feel it with my bloodshot eye at the moment! Enjoy the wedding!

  3. Me too! (And I don't even have a wedding to go to.)

  4. I must be one of the mice nibbling on a bit of stale cheese so, I am not even in the same country as Cybermummy and I still want to go lol. Enjoy the wedding:) Jen

  5. Some good news for cinders on my blog
    Exclusive look at Wikio’s top 20 parent bloggers. #wikio Come and have a look x

  6. Ahh, maybe anther time my friend. It will happen though, it will
    And go you on the Wikio list WOO HOO!

  7. I am a fellow Cinders. So sorry not to have been there. Made up for it by spending the weekend at the beach watching Americans celebrate Independence Day!

  8. I didn't go either because I had other plans, but was just up the road and REALLY wished I could have been there. Never mind. Another time.

  9. You were missed but I'm sure the wedding was worth it. There's always CyberMummy 2011....

    MD xx

  10. Victoria, Nappy Valley Girl, Jen, Mwa, Diney and Notes... glad to see I was in such excellent company! I did think of you all on the day, have just been rubbish at replying to comments recently. Sorry. See you all next year?

    Tara and MD - so glad you all enjoyed yourselves! Have been devouring other people's posts about it and have already agreed with B (who's just come back from a boys weekend) that I'm definitely allowed to go next year!

    Becky - thank you so much!!!!!


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