Sunday, 25 July 2010

Secret Post Club - July

Secret Post Club time again! Yippee!  And, as I've just admitted being appallingly behind on my thank you posts, I thought I'd start with this one.

My secret sender,  Mirel J,  sent me this:

She's a huge Beatles fan, so she's sent me a cd she's made herself of her favourite Beatles tracks, as well as a handmade friendship bracelet.

Thank you to Mirel!  Who, weirdly, I must have walked past a million times in the street (possible slight exaggeration there, but not by much) as it turns out she works in the same London square I used to.  I'm finding it distinctly odd to think that I've seen her, I've probably smiled at her, she's sent me a present, but I still don't know who she is....)


  1. I love this about the secretpostclub, that total strangers spend time to put together a gift and then send it on. There should be more than 12 months in a year especially when we're sending gifts like this :)

  2. Such a personal lovely gift! I shall have to try harder this month LOL!

  3. it is weird, isn't it? And what a lovely gift!


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